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Tuesday, August 30 2016 @ 11:14 PM CDT

Episode 25 Now Available

PodcastEpisode 25 is now available for download.

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, Len Testa & Chris Carlson

  • Saving money on your trip
  • Chris's book "Disney On A Dime" can be found online at www.disneyonadime.com
  • Chris recommends the first thing to do when planning a trip is to figure out your priorities are
  • Chris says you need to figure out of the money you've budgeted for a trip, what parts of your trip you want to give the most priority to and spend your money on that
  • If your priority is to simply go to the parks and see Mickey, then perhaps you don't need to spend so much on a hotel or sit down dining
  • If your priority is to stay at a resort and lounge around and poke around the parks once in a while then put your money towards a nice resort
  • Chris says many people go down to Walt Disney World and think they gave to stay at the nicest resort, eat the best food and spend gobs of money doing that but Chris says that isn't the case
  • For saving money for a trip, Chris likes cutting bills back, bundling your utilities or cut out habits
  • Chris also recommends that when do go out, have a water instead of a drink that might cost you extra and the savings will add up
  • Mike likes to use his Annual Pass as a means to save money anyway he can while at the parks
  • Mike also takes a look at where his money goes and cuts out bits of it and puts it aside for Disney
  • Chris also reminds people that with the money saved to make sure they put it away towards Disney and not spend it elsewhere
  • Regarding the Disney Visa credit card, Chris says that if you use credit cards regularly, then there's no reason why not to get it but doesn't recommend people go out and get it as a tool as the rewards program isn't that great
  • Chris says the easiest way to save money in the park is to bring your own water to the parks
  • Chris estimates a family of 4 can save over $200 on a week's trip by bringing their own water
  • Chris says if you can swing, it's best to go January through Early February, August through September or Early December because those times of the year you'll save the most money since the costs are lowest those times of the season
  • Chris thinks the biggest mistake guests make when going to Disney in regards to saving money is not planning
  • Chris says you need to figure out if packages or booking things seperately is the best way to go and don't simply assume a package is definetley the best way
  • Chris' top 3 ways to save money is bring your own water, staying off-site & buy an annual pass
  • Staying off site can save you quite a bit of money compared to Disney's resorts
  • Chris reminds us that the annual pass begins when you first use it so you make up your own year
  • As an example, you could buy an annual pass go for a week or two in July (which would begin the time period of 366 days on your annual pass) and then go again in June of the next year, which would still be covered under your annual pass and you'll save money
  • Chris and Mike agree that an annual pass "breaks even" around 9-11 days but you do save a lot of money in other ways besides visiting the parks such as using it's dining and lodging discounts
  • Chris says the easiest way to save up for a trip is to buy an annual pass over time for your family so you won't have to shell out all that money at once
  • Chris' site has a listing of rental car deals available
  • Chris also recommends you sign up for the newsletters the rental car companies send out to help get word of any promotions going on

Running Time: 20:40


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