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Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 11:55 PM CDT

Episode 264 Now Available

PodcastEpisode 264 is now available for download.

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Show Notes

Hosts: Mike Scopa, Matt Hochberg, Mike Newell & Len Testa


  • First Time Planning
  • Mike Newell says he can only go with his wife during times when his wife (a teacher) has off from work, generally during holidays
  • Mike Scopa says parents need to weigh the option of taking kids out of school
  • Mike Scopa says there is more than just whether or not to take the kids out of the school when picking a time of the year to go to Walt Disney World
  • Mike Scopa says picking the "best time" of the year to go is getting increasingly difficult
  • Len explains what times of the year are slow times of the year to avoid the crowds
  • Len says Pop Warner is a convention you want to avoid
  • Matt notes last year at Mousefest there was very limited amount of rooms becauase of all the conventions in town
  • Len says parents have two options: take your kids out of school or go during a time of the year when you have off and hope for the best
  • Matt says some holidays are less crowded than others such as the month of May
  • Len says kids in all year schools would work out best for Walt Disney World vacations
  • Mike Scopa says if you do go during an off-season, park operating hours are lower and refurbishments tend to occur
  • Len says the upside of off season touring outweighs the downsides
  • Len says Easter is early in 2008 and wonders if this will have ramifications for car rentals, airfare and hotel reservations
  • Mike Scopa says for a first trip, you need at least 6-7 days
  • Len says going for a week helps rationalize spending a lot of money for a long one week vacation
  • Len says for those with not so much vacation time, spending one week in Disney World can mean most of the vacation time for the year
  • Len says staying for a week can be expensive and exhausting
  • Matt says the longer you are at Walt Disney World, the easier it is to do "everything"
  • Len says ideally you will allocate two days for the Magic Kingdom & Epcot
  • Matt thinks 10 days would be an ideal amount of time for a first trip
  • Mike Scopa explains how your first trip helps you plan for your subsequent trips
  • Mike Scopa says there is a direct corleation between how long you stay and how much money you spend

  • Running Time: 19:24

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Sorry For The Delay
Authored by: Mike Newell on Friday, June 01 2007 @ 10:27 AM CDT
Someone decided that morning rush hour was the perfect time to try to jump from the George Washington Bridge.

The iTunes feed will be in service later this morning.

MouseWorld Radio
Imagine this
Authored by: wdwtodayfanclub on Friday, June 01 2007 @ 02:20 PM CDT
What if you just all of the sudden decide you wanted to go for your first time, packed up the car, and make a reservation at the Magic Carpet Inn. I mean this is just "hypothetical".

Also did everyone hear the big theme park news that Universal is adding a Harry Potters section in the Islands of Adventure and according to Universal will include very state of the art attraction(s) to open in late 2009? This is exciting because Disney always wants to outdo the competition and I cant wait to see what they counter with.


We are not Disney nerds, we are enthusiasts
Episode 264 Now Available
Authored by: mscribmac on Friday, June 01 2007 @ 03:28 PM CDT
Regarding schools in Orlando....
My friends from Orlando told me last week that there is a new rule about summer vacation -- schools cannot go back earlier than two weeks before Labor Day,
so this year Orlando kids will be returning to school 2-3 weeks later this summer. I wonder if that will affect crowds in August......


Episode 264 Now Available
Authored by: mscribmac on Friday, June 01 2007 @ 03:29 PM CDT
Oh....just have to add....

as a former 4th grade teacher and someone who trains new teachers now....I always say take the kids out of school. Travel is a fantastic experience and kids can learn a lot.


10 Day First Trip
Authored by: martinmcintosh on Friday, June 01 2007 @ 10:07 PM CDT
We took our first trip last year and went for 10 days. I still feel like we only scratched the surface, so we are doing 10 more days this year! :)

I really hope to enjoy some more of the finer details this year. I even bought Lou's books for the little things.

Oh Lou! We love Lou! (And MMML!)