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Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 02:36 PM CDT

Episode 270 Now Available

PodcastEpisode 270 is now available for download.

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Show Notes

Hosts: Mike Scopa, Matt Hochberg, Mike Newell & Deb Wills


  • Cruising on the Mediterranean
  • Deb explains how the Mediterranean cruise is different from the Caribbean cruises
  • Deb says she really looked forward to Rome
  • Deb says Michaelangelo's David was amazing
  • Deb learned France is the number 4 supplier of olive oil in the world
  • Deb was not expective to love the south of France but really enjoyed her time there
  • Deb says some of the tour guides wasn't good at counting folks and says there was some confusion once off the boat
  • Deb says there was a new story called "the art of story" and had mixed feelings about the show
  • Deb says another new show is fantastic
  • Deb says the Disney Dreams show has been upgraded
  • Deb says there were families on the cruise but the cruise is great for anyone who is interested in the classical civilizations
  • Matt says you can read Deb's blog entries

Running Time: 18:20

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The Silence is Deafening...
Authored by: pschnebs on Tuesday, June 19 2007 @ 01:46 PM CDT
No comments yet? I think I'm beginning to see why DCL is offering discounts on the Med cruises. :)