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Friday, August 26 2016 @ 08:33 AM CDT

Episode 364 Now Available

PodcastEpisode 364 is now available for download.

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Newell, Mike Scopa, & Len Testa

  • Listener Questions
  • John of Australia wants to know if the FASTPASS machines are on during Extra Magic Hours
  • Alex wants to know about the plans for the Rock 'n Roll beach club at Pleasure Island
  • Cheryl of MA wants to know if she should come down Friday and leave on Monday, or come down on Saturday and leave on Tuesday
  • Cheryl also wants to know if the Swan or Dolphin is better than the other
  • Jeff of GA wants to know where to eat a pre-marathon pasta dinner
  • Keith wants to know about our slogan
  • Thomas wants to know opinions of Van Halen songs on Disney rides
  • Christine wants to know if she should go on Mission:Space Green
  • Terri of IL wants to know recommendations or suggestions for traveling solo
  • Jonathon wants to know about getting around
  • Michael of TN wants to know if there is any advantage of getting Disney theme park tickets from a discount place versus buying it from Disney
  • Scott of NY wants to know if he should get the Fantasmic! Dinner Package
  • Taylor of GA wants to know our favorite resorts for value, moderate, deluxe and DVC categories
  • Nicole of CO wants to know about the Disney Honeymoon packages
  • Len recommends Nicole consider Mousesaver's section on Honeymoons
  • Chris wants to know if we know what song in Soarin' has a connection to Universal
  • Kim wants to know if she can go on the Sunrise Safari if she's staying at the Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Kim also wants to know if Disney will move her luggage for her if she wants to stay at two different hotels

Running Time: 26:46

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Episode 364 Now Available
Authored by: bigbrian-nc.com on Wednesday, January 30 2008 @ 01:47 PM CST
I know the song in the Soarin' queue with the universal studios tie in becase it struck me as odd when I heard it in October it's the Theme from Battlestar Galactica, what that has to do with Soarin I do not have a clue. The universal Studios tour in CA used to have a battlestar Galactica segment... that said there are a fair number of non-disney movies in that loop so perhaps he meant something else, but that's the one that jumped straight to my mind, you can check the list out for yourselves on Kirsten Wahlquist's site


Brian Martsolf martsolf@mindspring.com

Walt Disney World: A History in Postcards

Sunrise Safari for DVC
Authored by: Jen in Kentucky on Wednesday, January 30 2008 @ 07:34 PM CST
Actually, there are DVC rooms at the concierge level at AKV. There are five two-bedroom equivalents for DVC members to book on points and staying there does make one eligible to book the Sunrise Safari.
Episode 364 Now Available
Authored by: jaypenguin150 on Wednesday, January 30 2008 @ 11:49 PM CST
Swan is next to Spoodles, that is how I remember it.

Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination. For, in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy. Or, an exciting adventure!
10-15 minute show?
Authored by: lorie_bird on Thursday, January 31 2008 @ 12:19 PM CST
Sooo glad the show is longer than 15 minutes. I like the 25-30 minute range. I probably wouldn't bother downloading the show if you were just 5-10 minutes.
Yikes, Matt!
Authored by: lorie_bird on Thursday, January 31 2008 @ 12:36 PM CST
Five .... no six old emails. Great info for future reference, I guess. Is the problem that people are sending the questions in 2 weeks before or way too many emails? What's the recommended time frame between sending in our questions and having them answered? Two months? Six months?
Episode 364 Now Available
Authored by: WIWDWFAN on Thursday, February 07 2008 @ 04:10 PM CST
I was just listening to the Soarin Soundtrack and heard the music from Battlestar Glatica sp. Is that the music Universal?