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Tuesday, August 30 2016 @ 08:02 AM CDT

Episode 365 Now Available

PodcastEpisode 365 is now available for download.

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Newell, Mike Scopa & Len Testa

  • Bucket List
  • Mike Scopa's Bucket List
    Go on the Breathless II
    Eat the big steak at Shula's Steakhouse
    Take a Segway tour
  • Matt
    Stay at a grand villa
  • Len
    See Cirque du Soleil
    Spend a night in the parks
    Eat at Victoria and Alberts
  • Mike Newell
    Stay at the Polynesian resort
    Get evacuated from a ride
    Go scuba diving in the living seas
  • Matt mentions we did a show on DiveQuest

Running Time: 16:11

  • Matt's mini-trip report
  • Since today's episode is delayed, here is a short trip report from last night.
  • Matt went to dinner at the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs (first time eating there). Made an ADR earlier in the day. Food was excellent. I had the Prime Rib and was the best prime rib I've had in a long time. The Saratoga Lager beer was amazing (kind of like an American Killians). The onion rings are a MUST as an appetizer. Not sure what they do to them, but the onion rings are spectacular (and only $4). Service was slow but they were also very busy. No auto-added 18% gratuity to the bill.
  • Saw wishes from the beach at the Polynesian. The Wishes music was piped in (last time I did that, there was no music). Fair amount of people on the beach to watch. LOTS of kids who were less than behaved. I now know what Mike Scopa talks about when he complains about parents bringing kids to WDW. Annoying kids don't bother me; annoying kids that parents don't do anything annoy me.
  • After Wishes, we went to Kona Cafe for dessert. We had about a 10 minute wait (no ADR) and had Kilauea Torte, "an explosion of warm liquid chocolate inside a brownie volcano" and a white russian. Not a bad way to end the day.
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Episode 365 Will Be Delayed
Authored by: cp1999 on Friday, February 01 2008 @ 11:32 AM CST
Delayed show, system failure. Did that freak'n lizard get into Matt's computer again?
Sounds wonderful, Matt!
Authored by: lorie_bird on Friday, February 01 2008 @ 12:03 PM CST
I'm so green with envy. It sounds like you had a marvelous evening. I love watching Wishes from the Poly beach but don't enjoy the out-of-control kids. The dessert sounds devine. I may have to try it next time. Kona and Wishes on the beach are our first night tradition.

I want to move to Orlando...:-{
Is it OK?
Authored by: Mcmillanmom on Friday, February 01 2008 @ 02:49 PM CST
Is it OK to say with love, that I hate you Matt. OK, are you trying to drive us slowly insane? How cruel can you be?
Thanks for the mental image Matt
Authored by: abramdf on Friday, February 01 2008 @ 02:57 PM CST
And not for the lovely evening you had-but for the Grand Villas march you described!!!

My brain melted a bit when I heard that!
Beat the Hoodie!
Authored by: TiggerRay on Sunday, February 03 2008 @ 01:56 AM CST

Let's go Pat's!!!!
Authored by: timmyR on Sunday, February 03 2008 @ 06:10 PM CST
Enough Said, let the game begin!!!!
Episode 365 Now Available
Authored by: ADP on Sunday, February 03 2008 @ 11:26 PM CST
Go Dolphins!
Episode 365 Now Available
Authored by: skmacgowan on Sunday, February 03 2008 @ 11:40 PM CST
Well... now we know what Mr. Scopa's going to be wearing at MagicMeets...

Can Matt still make trip reports
Authored by: Jedwbpm on Monday, February 04 2008 @ 01:23 PM CST
I don't know but to me if you live near Orlando can you really make trip reports if you don't have to make a trip to get to WDW. How is it going Matt? I hope well. I can see the next trip report.

Went down to Comp USA (ya I know they are ob) and stood around with my homies Wendel,Marvin,Hector,Juan,Dillbert, and Melvin, and watited for the men in pickup trucks to come by looking for Day Progamers. Me and Hector made $20.00 each to set up a wifi network at an old ladies house. We then went to Waffle House and got a free meal because I put a bug in my OJ. After that we went to Old Town and played Whaka Mole.

Episode 365 Now Available
Authored by: ChoirBoy on Tuesday, February 05 2008 @ 11:44 AM CST
As far as spending the night in the parks, I think I have an idea, Len. I remember there are some Extra Magic Hours in Magic Kingdom I think that go until 5 AM, and the park opens "the next day" at 7 AM. So if you could hide somewhere for two hours, that might actually be possible!
About that Torte at Kona....
Authored by: Justin on Thursday, February 07 2008 @ 11:10 PM CST
I had that when we went there over Christmas and it is absolutely the best desert I've had on property. Outstanding!
Episode 365 Now Available
Authored by: Jeanine on Monday, February 11 2008 @ 04:31 PM CST
Cirque is a funny thing. I've tried to watch them on TV a number of times, and each time quit in complete boredom. On the other hand, I've seen at least 4 different productions in person, and found each one mesmerizing. I think it may just not translate well on TV--we're too accustomed to seeing people do stunts with special effects on the screen. Live, it's wondrous.