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Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 01:40 AM CDT

Episode 402 - The Weekend Getaway

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, Len Testa , Mike Newell & The Fabulous Annette Owens


  • The Weekend Getaway
  • Len shares a story of his daughter's camping trip
  • Keith writes in to suggest today's show topic and wants tips for quick weekend trips to Walt Disney World
  • Matt mentions his weekend trips were born from good airfares that he's run across
  • Len and Annette describe driving down for weekend trips
  • Mike Scopa describes how a good deal on airfare can make weekend trips
  • Matt talks about why he prefers weekend trips over longer trips
  • Mike Scopa talks of how to tackle park touring for a quick weekend trip
  • Len talks of the fun of spontaniety of weekend trips
  • Mike Scopa compares dining options versus time in the parks
  • Matt doesn't like taking up park time by eating a lot of sit down meals
  • Len mentions a tip for using frequent flier miles

Running Time: 16:21

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Len's Christmas 2006 getaway
Authored by: AquaViola on Monday, April 28 2008 @ 10:38 AM CDT
Halfway through this episode, Len mentioned his Christmas 2006 getaway.

If you haven't heard this episode recently, it's a must listen; still as funny.

It's Episode 200, and here's the link: http://www.wdwtoday.com/article.php?story=20070103090332912.

Episode 402 - The Weekend Getaway
Authored by: smedina24 on Monday, April 28 2008 @ 02:31 PM CDT
I can't believe you guys didn't contact me for this episode. Almost all of my visits are weekend trips. (Usually friday thru sunday) Occasionally we wake up Saturday a.m. grab an overnight bag and call WDW Reservations on the way up there. Hey Newell, looking forward to playing "Name that 80's Metal Band" with you again.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the tram and remain seated until the tram comes to a full and complete stop.
Mongello Book Bonfire
Authored by: djdavies on Wednesday, April 30 2008 @ 09:22 PM CDT
I was waiting for Len to say that he tossed the kid's WDW Trivia book into the fire, saying that it's for lightweight Disney fans. Then he could have snapped a photo of the burning book on his iPhone and texted it to Lou.


Short Notice Miles
Authored by: djdavies on Wednesday, April 30 2008 @ 09:24 PM CDT
Using frequent flier miles on short notice can incur extra fees (what doesn't, nowadays?) depending on your airline, so be aware of that. It'd still be better than paying full fare, but not as good of a deal as planning ahead.


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