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Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 04:52 PM CDT

Episode 416 - When Reality Strikes

PodcastEpisode 416 - When Reality Strikes

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, Len Testa , Mike Newell & The Fabulous Annette owens


  • When reality strikes
  • Mike Scopa shares a story of a cracked windshield in his rental car and how he handled the situation
  • Mike Newell discusses his opinion to buy all the insurance options from rental cars
  • Mike Newell talks of how easy it is to get prescription drugs
  • Mike Newell shares stories of having to go to the Emergency Room
  • Annette gives options for what to do if you have to cancel the remainder of your trip
  • Matt mentions he doesn't get trip insurance for his trip
  • Annette mentions the benefit of having a travel agent during an emergency
  • Matt talks about losing kids at Walt Disney World

Running Time: 18:27

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Episode 416 - When Reality Strikes
Authored by: Kristy on Friday, May 30 2008 @ 09:53 AM CDT
They are awesome when it comes to losing your child! Unfortunately it happened to us during our last trip in 2004. Our son decided he wanted to go back to the main entrance at Magic Kingdom to see the characters while my parents had him. When we were walking down Main Street, noticed the cast member and when we realized that our son was missing, I knew EXACTLY where to go! They found him IMMEDIATELY and with the help of another guest we found that out.

They are AWESOME!!! Trust me he never was away from anyone in our party for the rest of the trip!

Episode 416 - When Reality Strikes
Authored by: jcodirewolf on Friday, May 30 2008 @ 11:59 AM CDT
For kids, you can also tell them to find the Cast Members with the green pin lanyards. Those are the under 13 trading only ones, and disney has never sold a green ones, just for that reason.

Not to tread on Annette's space, because I will tell you a good travel agent is a wonderful thing. But you can also get some leverage with airlines/hotels/rental though AmEx (my personal experience) or credit cards. So my quick story, I was returning to Boston on a connecting flight though an airport that was closed due to weather, the airline refused to do anything for me unless I was willing to "change my ticket" (which met paying a fee plus a cost difference.) I called AmEx she typed a bit put me on hold to talk to someone, came back and told me to go to the gate for flight something, I went over there and about 10 minutes before the flight left my name. She got me stand by for the first leg, and confirmed on the second leg home.

Transportation back to your resort from the ER
Authored by: timmyR on Monday, June 02 2008 @ 07:24 PM CDT
I have been lucky, well not so lucky to ride in an Ambulance from both the Beach Club Villlas and the Magic Kingdom to Celebrations Hospital.

Both as a patient and the father of a patient. Siezures, both my son and I, espcially clusters are not a lot of fun...But the MRI room at the hospital is decorated like the beach, so it is really cool for both kids and adults!

Also if you call your hotel you can get a either an ok for a cab or they will send a free pickup from the hotel. I have had both. They have even offered to remove the used day from our pass if we needed.it.

Once we lost a reservation at Chef Mickey's due to the ER. The concierge arranged Breakfast at Beach Club lunch at Crystal Palace and even got us a dinner at Chef Mickey's. 3 buffets in a single day is not an easy event either, but my son loved seeing all of the characters and they knew ahead of time he had spent the previous day at the ER. so he got tons of extra attention! I don't think they have a special badge for that event?

Thanks for the info on the pharmacy, but we have luckly not always overpacked our drugs for the trip. Also Celebrations is got a good reputation for treating seizures, just want to let you know if Mr. Newell ever needs to go.to the ER for himself.


Episode 416 - When Reality Strikes
Authored by: Kfischler on Thursday, June 05 2008 @ 09:01 PM CDT
A comment on the lost kids. First day in the park, we always give the kids a quick safety brief (we're a Marine aviation family, so everyone is used to my quick briefs). We take the kids over to a CM and show them the CM nametag pin, then tell the kids if they are lost to tell a CM. The CMs have always been helpful with this and speak to the kids as well. This way, the kids know what to do before we ever start touring the parks.
Episode 416 - When Reality Strikes
Authored by: zbyoung on Tuesday, August 12 2008 @ 05:28 PM CDT
The one and only time my child was lost (so far) happened at Downtown Disney. She was 2, and I was struggling to get the token machine at the carousel to take my dollar bill, an effort that unfortunately required both hands, when I realized she had run off! I just about had a heart attack! She had taken that moment of inattention to wander around to another side of the carousel, and I couldn't see her because of the enormous planters next to the token machine. I found her pretty quickly, gripping the fence (thank heaven there was a fence!!) and watching the carousel. A Disney cast member from a nearby pin stand was standing close by, watching her. "I knew that she wasn't supposed to be walking around alone," the cast member said, smiling. Whew! I thanked the cast member then and I wish I could thank her every day . . . it was so upsetting to lose my child. It's good to know that WDW trains cast members to watch out for lost kids. (I do have an unreasoning hatred of token machines, now, though.)