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Wednesday, August 31 2016 @ 08:48 PM CDT

Episode 438 - Avoiding First Time Mistakes

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, Mike Scopa, Mike Newell & The Fabulous Annette Owens


  • Avoiding First Time Mistakes
  • Matt urges those going to Walt Disney World to plan ahead
  • Annette mentions looking at the different seasons of crowd levels at Walt Disney World
  • Matt recommends avoiding the off site hotel shuttles
  • Mike Scopa encourages coming up with a realistic budget for your trip
  • Annette talks of the importance of choosing the right ticket option
  • Mike Scopa explains why Walt Disney World isn't the place for last minute reservations for dining
  • Matt talks of the importance of researching height requirements for children
  • Annette mentions Episode 426 where we discussed kid friendly attractions
  • Mike Scopa emphasizes the importance of being ready for the physical demands of walking all over Walt Disney World
  • Matt encourages first timers to embrace the afternoon break
  • Matt finds it interesting to see how many guests don't know how FASTPASS works
  • Annette finds many parents don't know about the child swap option
  • Mike Scopa recommends looking for discounts that may be available
  • Mike Scopa thinks researching staying on Disney property vs. off property is an important decision to weigh

Running Time:20:05

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Other episode references
Authored by: AquaViola on Monday, July 21 2008 @ 11:18 AM CDT
There was a reference to Episode 225: WDW For Under $1600? - http://www.wdwtoday.com/article.php?story=20070302111829669 .

There are references to other episodes, which can be found by clicking on Wiki at the top this screen, and selecting "New to the Podcast or to Walt Disney World?".
Episode 438 - Avoiding First Time Mistakes
Authored by: ajc on Tuesday, July 22 2008 @ 10:47 PM CDT
I think that parents with small children should find videos of the attractions to watch themselves and/or with their children to determine if the attraction is appropriate for that child. We made a serious error in bringing our daughter to "it's tough to be a bug" in DAK. She still talks about the spiders dangling from the ceiling and the trip was over 3 years ago.

Episode 438 - Avoiding First Time Mistakes
Authored by: GarrettJD on Wednesday, July 23 2008 @ 03:37 AM CDT
Great summary of tips for first-timers. The confusion over FastPass is something I really have never understood. Even the most clueless first-timers will pick up a guidemap. FastPass is explained on every guidemap in huge, easy-to-understand instructions, yet people still miss it.

Our first WDW trip was in 2003, and I spent about 2 years planning it. A little obsessive, but we arrived at WDW with Park Hoppers in hand, ADRs in place, and touring plans ready. I knew how to use FastPass and how to best navigate the parks, and we had a great "first-timer" vacation and avoided most of the rookie mistakes.
Episode 438 - Avoiding First Time Mistakes
Authored by: Kfischler on Wednesday, July 23 2008 @ 08:13 AM CDT
For first-timer friends, I always recommend a few things:
1) Read Len's book and visit Deb's All Ears website. These resources are a great way to begin planning. Sure, get the free DVD planning from Disney. It's nice enertainment, but the book and website will help much more with the details.

2) Plan around your family's routine, endurance, and interests. Our first two trips were with little ones and we were lucky they would nap in a stroller just as well as a bed. We didn't return to the hotel for naps, but hey, there is something relaxing about slowly pushing those strollers around while enjoying a beer. Don't push the "fun meter" past "Happy" to "Grumpy". See what you want, not what others tell you, "You have to do." You'll enjoy your visit more and will want to come back.

3) Finally, if you have little ones, put on those Disney DVDs and music about two weeks prior to leaving. It helps the kids recognize the characters and enjoy the attractions more when they are familiar with them.