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Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 01:10 AM CDT

Episode 497 - Three Wishes

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, Mike Scopa , Mike Newell, & The Fabulous Annette Owens


  • Three Wishes

  • This year, We again discuss what three wishes we'd like Santa Claus to bring to WDW.

Running Time: 21:45

Matt reads advertisers promo (www.allstarvacationhomes.com)

Mr. Voice introduces the show

Matt gives show number and date (which he forgot to mention that today Walt would have been 107 years old)

Matt Introduces Mike Newell and rubs it in that Mike will not be on the Mousefest cruise.

Matt introduces his personal Patron Saint Len

Matt Introduces Mr. Scopa.

Scopa’s quote of the day is “You are witnessing a rare visual phenomenon, the aurora borealis above us.” Which I thought was from Spaceship Earth, but I must admit I overslept and have still yet to wake up.

Matt guesses… Splashtacular?

Mike guesses Muppets?

Matt guesses Original, original, original, original Illuminations?

Len guesses Flights of… Mission to the Moon? Flight to the Moon? Mission to Mars? Delta Dream flight?

Matt guesses Oregon Trail?

The Answer is… Listen to the show!

Len thought he was going to guess that (right!)

Matt introduces “The Fabulous Annette Owens” – THE travel agent from MEI & Mouse Fan Travel

Annette rubs it in to Matt that they are already packed and ready to go.

Matt – “That makes one of us”

Matt announces the show’s Theme Three Wishes and that he substitutes Santa with Len

“With Len, all things are possible” (and I thought his motto was “Corrupting youth one podcast at a time”?)

Len’s Three Wishes:

1.       “For all the children of the world to come together and sing in the spirit of peace and harmony.” – Steve Martin

2.       For a sit down restaurant at a value resort! Why can’t there be a sit down restaurant at a value resort?

a.       Fuddruckers – Mmmmm YUMMY! (just don’t mix up the consonants)

3.       (Len takes forever on his first wish) Underwater Themed Hotel – Brilliant!

a.       Bring back the Hydrolators!

b.      Undersea vista just like The Living Seas. (Do alligators count?)

4.       Suites in attractions that you can stay in over night

a.       Haunted Mansion – Len thinks this would be the coolest!

b.      Tower of Terror (Like Van mentioned in one of his casts, Disney should use some synergy and make it the Tipton Tower of Terror)

c.       Len noticed that the Tower of Terror is based on a hotel ;-)

Mr. Scopa – Call him Ishmael – There he was in Zanzibar… “Where am I going to get myrrh at this time of night?” “Wait for the shake.”

Unlike Len’s; Mike’s Three Wishes are realistic:

1.       Schedule for bus, that anyone can access to help them get from one-point-to-another.

2.       More queue wait time boards throughout all of the Parks.

a.       Scrolling or crawls at Fast Pass distribution with updated wait times.

3.        Dining Your Way Meal Plan like the MYW Park tickets (When has Disney been more flexible?)

Len gets jealous that Ms. Owens and Matt liked Mike’s Three Wishes. (it’s tough to be a bug Len)

Little Miss Helper’s (aka The Fabulous Annette Owens’) practical Three Wishes:

1.       All families of 5, stand up and make your voices heard! Why is there only 1 moderate with a trundle bed? – Thankfully this never happened to me when I was younger as we stayed off site or RV (oh the nightmares still haunt me).

2.       Annette admits her addiction. Yes WDW needs a Starbucks! Please

a.       Len admits his inner Lee Harvey Oswald tendencies. (I never realized how addicting coffee is to people, since I don’t drink it)

3.       Food Court options to include food that is prepared your way. i.e. Subway or a deli counter.

a.       Scopa responds there is that option already – buffets.

b.      Annette giggles.

Len acknowledges Annette’s ideas are good. Then continues on to point out that there is nowhere to sit down in the parks and relax, like at a coffee shop.

The panel reminisces to days of old when WDW had AP lounges.

Matt asks for Len to bring to WDW as part of his Three Wishes:

1.       Bulldozer for his favorite park, I mean the Backlot Tours at his favorite park. (Does John Deer even make a bulldozer?)

Can someone get the phone?

2.       Increase benefits for Annual Pass holders – and the crowd goes wild! – and he calls us all suckers?

3.       Doors and restraints in the parking trams. Matt, practical? Was Len describing himself?

a.       Len’s reminder that he is in Mensa

Mr. Newell’s Three Wishes will be coming in 3 more episodes:

1.       Drive in Theater for him to take his rental car on a date.

2.       Improvements to resort television services. (Keep Stacy)

b.      Make ADR’s from digital service in resort room

Len will be granting wishes soon.

3.       Finally a decent Pizza place on site. (Maybe they could even allow you to order it via your TV?)

Please visit www.allstarvacationhomes.com

Matt invites listeners to participate in the new segment in 2009; call in your Trip Reports at 407-278-5939. (Can we send you MP3 files of our trip reports?)

Please visit www.wdwtoday.com for older episodes, show notes, and to send your comments.

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Episode 497 - Three Wishes
Authored by: ddindy on Friday, December 05 2008 @ 08:36 AM CST
You are all evil! I'm trying to finish packing so I can leave for The World later today, and now I have this incredible urge to watch Mel Brooks movies that I won't be able to satisfy for two weeks. Drat!

See you at Mousefest.
Episode 497 - Three Wishes
Authored by: Kfischler on Friday, December 05 2008 @ 08:41 AM CST
Loved the Steve Martin reference. My three wishes would be that thing for the kids, the world peace stuff, and for Disney to quit spinning that increasing prices and delivering less (like the 2008 DDP) is in response to guest requests.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chaunnakah to the WDW Today Crew!
Ken in Richlands, NC
Related Episodes
Authored by: AquaViola on Friday, December 05 2008 @ 04:18 PM CST
Related Episodes to this one can be found here: http://www.wdwtoday.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Thinking

I notice that in Episode 193, "3 Holiday Wishes", "Len wishes for a new club at Pleasure Island".

Sorry Len - you obviously didn't grant that wish!
Episode 497 - Three Wishes
Authored by: foolishmortal on Sunday, December 07 2008 @ 04:44 PM CST
The wish suggestions were not too bad; here are my three wishes:
1) All of the WDW buses have GPS trackers, my wish is for Disney to electronically post the wait times at each of the resort stops to let the guests know the estimated time of arrival of the next bus to each location.
2) Adding to the wish to increase the benefits for AP and DVC members, my wish is for Disney to implement a rewards program similar to the airlines and major hotel chains.
3) I wish Disney would get rid of the finger print scanners at the park entrances.
Episode 497 - Three Wishes
Authored by: pschnebs on Monday, December 08 2008 @ 08:25 PM CST
Bravo, gentlemen (and Annette) ! You guys have some great ideas.

Mike S., I especially agree about a bus schedule. I miss the old WDW transportation guide with its crazy matrix for getting from anywhere to anywhere else on-property and a cool map as a free souvenir besides, and the much truncated guide in the welcome book isn't as useful. Throw in somehing at least telling you with what frequency you can expect to see a bus at certain times of the day and it's be very beneficial.

I'll throw in my wishes to the list:

1. Cut back on the number of hard-ticket events at the MK. I mean, do we really need MNSSHP starting right after Labor Day, MVMCP starting the first week in November, and MP&PP... um, well, at all? Charge me extra for the park tickets and let more people in if Disney doesn't want to lose as much money, but give me a night at the MK in slower seasons, please.

2. Piggybacking on Newell's wish: How about some cooler channels on the in-room TV system? The Disney cruise ships have channels with classic animated features starting every 30 minutes and several channels with recently released films starting at staggered times in addition to the TV channels - I'd love to see that on the in-room TV.

3. Screw busses - I want monorails and Peoplemovers connecting all the theme parks and resorts, and maybe WDW and the airport. Disney's busses are nicer than typical city busses, but they're still busses. Wasn't WDW supposed to be cutting-edge and innovative?
Episode 497 - Three Wishes
Authored by: rockknj on Thursday, December 11 2008 @ 02:27 PM CST
As a Florida resident seasonal passholder, my 3 wishes would be: 1) Free parking for seasonal passholders, if not every day, at least on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday so that locals would visit the park more on days that are least crowded. The $12 saved is a big enough incentive to make short visits worth it and that money or more probably will be spent anyway inside. Or even cutting the seasonal passholder parking fee to $5 every day for the same reasons. 2) That Star Wars weekends be put back a month like it used to be so that seasonal passholders can enjoy them again. And 3) Allow the seasonal passholders entry on some summer days that are usually less crowded.
Episode 497 - Three Wishes
Authored by: cdm115 on Thursday, January 01 2009 @ 08:38 PM CST
I loved Len's idea of a sit down restaurant at Value Resorts. I recently stayed at All-Star Sports and found the food court quite lacking. A couple times I could have soooo gone for a real sit down restaurant, instead of having to drive to another resort or park to have one.