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Sunday, August 28 2016 @ 07:04 AM CDT

Episode 541 - Restaurant Comparisons

PodcastEpisode 541 is now available for download.

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, Mike Newell & The Fabulous Annette Owens


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Episode 541 - Restaurant Comparisons
Authored by: smedina24 on Friday, March 20 2009 @ 10:38 AM CDT
Ugh! You guys are all nuts... Aside from the price, there is no reason why anyone could choose Le Cellier over Yachtsman's. The meats are like butter, the wine selection is excellent and theming? do you need goofy to come out in a sailors outfit to enjoy the theming? gimme a break. I'm pretty sure Testa would have taken the YSH over Le Cel any day.... Plus afterwards you can take a ride on a Pontoon Boat. I wouldn't recommend going on Breathless II for a couple hours after eating.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the tram and remain seated until the tram comes to a full and complete stop.
Episode 541 - Restaurant Comparisons
Authored by: SortaGrumpy on Friday, March 20 2009 @ 02:14 PM CDT
As I stated in an e-mail you read regarding my trip last August, we had an awful experience at LC. The food was fine when it finally came, but the service was completely unacceptable and ruined the experience. They actually apologized to us numerous times during the meal and on the way out. I have eaten there twice and neither experience was top notch. We were on the dining plan both times. I'll be back at the World this August. LC is not on the agenda.
Another plus with the Yachtsman
Authored by: timmyR on Sunday, March 22 2009 @ 06:03 PM CDT
If you want and have kids you can eat in the attached bar and order from the yachtsman and have a TV for the kids to watch....
Pepe Le Pew
Authored by: TiggerRay on Tuesday, March 24 2009 @ 01:03 AM CDT
I didn't realize that Pepe was Canadian. LOL