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Tuesday, August 23 2016 @ 08:29 PM CDT

Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, Mike Scopa, Mike Newell, & The Fabulous Annette Owens


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Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: djRom on Monday, August 10 2009 @ 08:00 AM CDT
Hey guys!

While I do agree, that the bus system can be a sad sight at times. Especially when trying to get back to your hotel at night, when a park just closed. I really get the feeling that it's more about the hotel you stay at. Scopa Towers, I feel is great, only one loading area to get you on your way. And you don't have to share your bus with any other hotels. But yes, as a general rule of thumb, 40 minutes is about how long it takes to get around to anywhere other than your immediate area.

For bus service alone, when compared to the only other two places I've stayed in recent time (Caribbean Beach, All of the All-Stars), Scopa Towers has the best service hands down. But on a different note, about the Magical Express bus. I've taken it 3 times, while I was supposed to of taken in 4 times since 2006 (5 trips since jan '06). One of those times we checked in at the Magical Express desk, saw there was a big line for the Scopa Towers bus, and proceeded to turn around and walk the other way. Running into a limo driver who was looking for someone that they couldn't find and offered us up a ride to where-ever we were going. Hmmm, looking back at it, it does seem a little fishy. But, he was quite nice, and he charged us the same rate a cab would've been, or so he said. As expected, our bags showed up right like they were supposed to in our room.

I find it funny how Len went to the world in AUGUST, and decided to use Disney bus transportation. Especially, with the craziness of moving from hotel to hotel every day of your stay. I have always gone in the off season time, and maybe that's why I don't mind the bus system. Even though, I recall someone on the show saying that Scopa Towers is always something like 80-90% full.

Anyway, glad you had a great trip Len! We'll be down there in September 11-19. Can't wait!

"Society starts with you."
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: TiggerRay on Monday, August 10 2009 @ 09:31 AM CDT
Yikes! I thought that said "Len's Busty Birthday". LOL
Authored by: wdwtodayfanclub on Monday, August 10 2009 @ 02:01 PM CDT
Just returned from the world the week of 07/20/09 and used Magical Express and bus service staying at Pop Century and have nothing but good things to say about Disney transportation. The Magical Express from the airport to our hotel was right at 90 minutes from the time we got off the plane to Pop. We never waited more then 10 minutes for a bus and that was at dowtown Disney otherwise it was usually under a 5 minute wait. At Magic Kingdom they used both 2 stations (17 AND 18) at closing for Pop Centruy so there were 2 busses.

I say save your money and use the bus system if your staying at Pop.


We are not Disney nerds, we are enthusiasts
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: packerbeth on Monday, August 10 2009 @ 04:46 PM CDT
I can totally relate to Len's transportation issues. I was at WDW around the same time, and wasted a lot of park time waiting for buses! I stayed at Scopa Towers for the first time, and the bus situation is the ONLY thing I have to complain about.

One afternoon, I probably waited at least 45 minutes for the bus from MK to Pop, and there were about 3 buses worth of people waiting ahead of me. I finally gave up, walked back to MK, took the monorail to the TTC, transferred to the Epcot monorail and took the bus to Pop. It probably took me the same amount of time, but at least I was DOING something and not just standing around waiting! The next day, when faced with the same issue, I ended up taking a taxi back to Pop to the tune of $20. I didn't have trouble with park-to-park transportation, though; in fact, one morning, I was completely alone on the bus from the Studios to Epcot!

I was surprised to hear about his trouble with DME; I arrived on Tuesday at around the same time of day as Len, walked right up to the counter and was on a bus to the resort within 15 minutes! In fact, we've done DME four times with no trouble except where a wheelchair lift was concerned.

Len, I was at Epcot that rainy Thursday, as well. Sorry we didn't run into each other! Maybe I'll see you in January if you're doing the marathon again!
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: dxwwf3 on Monday, August 10 2009 @ 06:54 PM CDT
It's all about the resort you stay at. AKL? Disney Transportation is wonderful. The extra Kadani stop is nothing. Polynesian? Unless you're close to the TTC, I would say most definitely not. Pop Century? You're crazy to rent a car.
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: kevbot on Monday, August 10 2009 @ 08:06 PM CDT
You guys, might I point out that this is the second episode in a row about how much WDW sucks? Let's get happy again!

Regarding the buses: for those of us who don't drive (like me), and come from urban places (like me), the bus system is usually perfectly fine. Though it's not ideal, I've used Magical Express twice and both times have been good - only about an hour between landing and being at my hotel. And sure, the bus system can be irritating, but I usually bring a book (during the day) or my iPod (at night), and I've never really had much of an issue. It just sort of reminds me of living in Boston.

I'm back next month! Wheee!
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: Kfischler on Tuesday, August 11 2009 @ 06:48 AM CDT
Thanks for the info. We drive from Carolina each year, so we have a car while there. If given the opportunity to take the bus on property, we'll drive instead.
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: co_js on Tuesday, August 11 2009 @ 01:21 PM CDT
Sorry guys, but I have to file this one under "what the heck did you expect?" I might go without a car if I'm at a single resort during value season, but hopping between 3 resorts in the span of a week, during summer season? You're lucky you aren't still stuck there! :)
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: mackflava99 on Thursday, August 13 2009 @ 09:12 AM CDT
We were at Beach Club in june and i can trully say the bus system there is terrible. While the waiting area is convienient to get to, the busses took an average of 40 min to gt to us, on numerous occassions. It became frustrating and we ended up taking taxis/ One day at magic Kingdom- we got to the bus stop to go back to the hotel, we waited and waited, watching 4 different busses come for the hotel in the next slot, when the 5th bus came, we decided to get a taxi- it was 55 min at that point. we got to BC and after being dropped off, then stopping in the market place- we saw the bus arrive with people who were waiting in line with us-
this is 2nd trip in a row to BC that had the same poor bus service.
I did complain to frint desk, but not sure if they listened.
Just Back Aug 4-11 Trip
Authored by: SortaGrumpy on Thursday, August 13 2009 @ 09:43 AM CDT
We stayed at Beach Club during an overlapping period and used ME and Disney Transportation exclusively. We had a completely different experience. Our flight landed around 9:20 at MCO and we were at BC checked into a room (gratis upgrade to concierge for 3 nights ...nice) before 11. I caught the end of the breakfast service (no need for lunch for me). We were at the Electric Umbrella and the kids were eating lunch by noon. There were very few people at the ME area. Our bus had one couple and my family of four. I thought we might need to wait for the bus to fill a bit more, but we were off in about 15 minutes. We stopped at Pop first to let them off. Like you, we don't check luggage.

My wife absolutely hates the bus crowds. With that said, walking to EPCOT and HS was priceless. The times we used the bus for MK and one AK morning, things went exceedingly well. We hardly waited, even in the after Wishes crush. I guess we were just lucky. We even took the Monorail once from MK to Epcot and walked through the park to the BC. A nice change of pace.

We didn't resort hop and didn't have any ADRs to get too. We used the QS dining plan... that's another story. So things were very relaxed. We also used the UG recommended best days, zigging while others zagged. The day after an EM hour is by far the best strategy. Got there for normal park openings on non EEMH days and most major attractions were done with little to no wait.

This was our 1st Deluxe Resort Experience (4/3 deal). I'll never get my family back to a Value resort again. The Beach Club Staff was incredible, SAB fantastic, and walking in and out of EPCOT priceless. A great trip made better thanks in part to the knowledge soaked up from the good folks at WDW Today. Thanks guys!
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: TiggerRay on Friday, August 14 2009 @ 09:38 AM CDT
I totally agree with Len's conclusions. We started driving to WDW in 2006 and have loved having a car. We're getting to places so much quicker and not wasting time waiting for buses or running the route at OKW or wherever we're staying. You have to have a car...especially with kids.
Episode 602 - Len's Bus(y) Birthday
Authored by: bflynn on Tuesday, August 25 2009 @ 06:04 AM CDT
To be fair to Disney, a great deal of Len's pain was self inflicted. Using the bus system when hotel hopping every day? Wow, people from North Carolina are usually smarter than that. But in general I agree with him about the buses. I've done both and while the Disney transportation is good for what it does, as soon as you get out of the herd, it breaks down. And of course since you want to get out of the herd at Disney, you need a car there; my past three trips I've had a car and it makes a positive difference. I'll drive or I'll rent, but I'll never be without a car at Disney again.

I heard several other things that concerned me. Cast members telling a "guest" that they can't drop their luggage here, they have to schlep it over there? NO. The correct answer is "It should go over there. You're staying in room 111 so let me take it over there for you and I'll make sure it gets to your room (before 1am)." The line from the bus driver about the floor was pretty bad too. Every company that starts as a family business and converts to a corporation goes through a transformation. These are signs that Disney is well on the way to ceasing to care at all about people beyond the green stuff in their wallets. Sad, but true and you should brace for more of that in the future.