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Sunday, August 28 2016 @ 11:34 AM CDT

Episode 658 - Reunion Recap

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa , Mike Scopa , & Mike Newell


    Reunion Recap

  • Today, we discuss some of the past events during Reunion 09.

Running Time: 25:32

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Episode 658 - Reunion Recap
Authored by: CuzMikDntTlkAbou on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 09:27 AM CST
Knowing there is another Sip, Snack, Sick comming makes my stomach hurt.
You guys rock... 'nuff said!
Authored by: Jul on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 09:52 AM CST
Thanks for explaining the Skagway bit. The folks at our table for YeeHaw Bob (sorry, don't remember your names) told us that for the night we were all from Skagway. Maybe it was the rush from the drinks, but it made sense that night to do it...

Everything that weekend was simply fantastic, and a real testament to the hard work that all of you all (too many to list) do every day.

My fave memory was probably either the 12 Days of Christmas or that egg-in-the-nest-in-the-tree song. And I shall speak no more of that. :)

Sorry we won't make Tentfest... we're going to be elbow-deep in baby prep. But if there's going to be a Dec. '10 meet, count us in!
Way too much fun
Authored by: ErwinM on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 12:46 PM CST
Newell should have no regrets about not recording YeHaa Bob, as it looked like he was having way too much fun to even think about messing with recording gear.

We're definitely in for Dec 2010, if you can put up with the screaming baby and the 6-month-old accompanying Jul...
Episode 658 - Reunion Recap
Authored by: bnac on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 03:47 PM CST
I was at the tequila bar with Len, yada yada yada, I woke up in the Norwegian Viking ship.
Episode 658 - Reunion Recap
Authored by: richard on Saturday, December 19 2009 @ 07:49 AM CST
Good to hear everyone had such a great time!
Waldorf-Astoria doesn't sound very family-friendly with two double beds and one-at-a-time bath. I want two queens for a family of four. And "valet-only" means I park at the Hilton and walk. (I hate valet.)
I was there the week before you guys, and the parks were VERY manageable. Got to each park about 15 minutes early and was one of the first people on the headliners. The only real crowd I saw was during Sunday night MVMCP, and even that was not a problem.
Episode 658 - Reunion Recap
Authored by: FigmentRules on Wednesday, December 23 2009 @ 01:06 PM CST
I am so sad I missed the Reunion 09. Because of work/life issues, we couldn't make it to WDW until 12/14. We did manage to spend enough time in the Cava de Tequila on Tuesday night (12/15) to consume two flights, a snifter of Don Julio 1942, and a water glass of the tomato/salsa chaser stuff and form a life long friendship with one of the bar tenders. We will absolutely be back to the Cave! Hope to see you all there in March!!!!!!