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Episode 660 - Listener Questions

PodcastEpisode 660 is now available for download.

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, Mike Scopa, Mike Newell & The Fabulous Annette Owens


  • Listener Questions

  • Holly from FL refers to Episode 651 and comments on the work of the veterinarians in Conservation Station.
  • Steve refers to Episode 651 remembers the game room in the Contemporary.
  • Kirk asks whether her wife can use her ticket towards her Annual Pass.
  • Kirk asks whether the Best and Worst parks are needed for low crowds.
  • Mardy asks about whether there are bad WDW tours.
  • Julie asks what days the Spectromagic parade is on.
  • Kevin from Indiana asks if the Dining Plans work at the Food and Wine Festival.
  • Karen from Delaware asks how mid-December was for crowds.
  • Steve from Ohio asks about hourly childcare.
  • Chris from CA asks when the Crowd Calendar is updated.
  • Brian from Minnesota comments about EMH; versus Touring Plans.
  • Ricardo from CA wants a book on the history of the Parks. Matt refers to Episode 231: Charlie Ridgeway.
  • Michael asks about free drink refills.
  • Michael asks about DVC; counter-service.
  • Brent criticises the Panel's behavior in Episode 575: MSP3K - The Maelstrom/Sprit Of Norway.
  • Mark from Illinois asks how The the American Idol Experience is doing, and whether Fantasmic!; will return to a 7-day schedule.
  • Dan asks about the chicken exit in the Tower of Terror.
  • Dan from NM says that he cannot tell Scopa from Newell.
  • Kevin says that Len was right about Disneyland.
  • Big Bad Daddy says that young children should be brought to WDW.

Running Time: 29:06

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Episode 660 - Listener Questions
Authored by: ranseus on Wednesday, December 23 2009 @ 10:12 AM CST
@Big Bad Daddy: you're wrong.
Episode 660 - Listener Questions
Authored by: CuzMikDntTlkAbou on Wednesday, December 23 2009 @ 11:36 AM CST
Ok I really shouldn't admit this but I could always tell the difference between Scopa and Newell. My problem was - For a long time I thought Scopa's wheezy laugh belonged to Annette. I mean it took me at least nine months of listening to figure it out.
Episode 660 - Listener Questions
Authored by: foolishmortal on Wednesday, December 23 2009 @ 08:18 PM CST
In response to the request for books on Disney - check out Since the World Began and Realityland by Jeff Kurti. They are both must reads in regards to Disney World history.
Episode 660 - Listener Questions
Authored by: richard on Friday, December 25 2009 @ 02:32 PM CST
Matt --- did you cheetah on your Biology final? Identical B/G twins?!
Tours --- Backstage Magic is a 7-hour tour and pricey; not everyone wants that kind of tour. Magic of the Steam Trains is a good tour even if you're not a train fanatic, but it sure helps if you're at least somewhat interested.
Child Care --- there are other child care centers similar to Neverland Club, perhaps not quite as good but still a lot of fun.
Of course Len was right! Good grief.
  • Tours - Authored by: TiggerRay on Saturday, December 26 2009 @ 11:07 AM CST
Crack Scientists?
Authored by: TiggerRay on Saturday, December 26 2009 @ 11:12 AM CST
The crowd calendar scientists are on crack?