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Monday, August 29 2016 @ 06:26 PM CDT

Episode 697 - Resort Recommendations

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Show Notes

Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, & Mike Newell


    Resort Recommendations

  • Today, the panel gives out recommendations for resorts for a variety of guest situations.

Running Time: 20:34

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Tony Siragusa
Authored by: frandog on Sunday, March 21 2010 @ 10:59 PM CDT
Tony Siragusa never played with the Jets. He was with the Colts and Ravens. And yes, he does not look too romantic.
Episode 697 - Resort Recommendations
Authored by: gilleska on Monday, March 22 2010 @ 06:29 AM CDT
Great show guys. I like your recommendations, but I want to add something to your recommendations for a family of 4 with young children. I think that if you have the money, staying at a monorail resort like the Poly is optimal, because it allows you to leave the parks midday to get the kids back to the room for a nap without adding a lot of travel time. With little kids, a timely nap can be the difference between happy kids and cranky kids. For a little less money, the Wilderness Lodge or the VIllas at Wilderness Lodge are also good options, because you can take the boat to and from the Magic Kingdom, the park that little kids like the most.
Episode 697 - Resort Recommendations
Authored by: Jedwbpm on Monday, March 22 2010 @ 01:56 PM CDT
I was just down in Feb with my wife and two girls (15 and turned18 on hour after check in). My first choise was Coronado Springs because it as twin Queen size beds in the rooms. For older kids and parents used to King size bed or own twin for the kids a week sharing a double bed just don't cut it. Coronado was not avil. so we got two rooms at Pop so everyone had there own bed and we got $600.00 back due to the deal on a gift card.

If you have the money nothing beats Newell's Landings.

Episode 697 - Resort Recommendations
Authored by: CaribDis on Monday, March 22 2010 @ 08:22 PM CDT
Have to chime in about the Swan/Dolphin. Stop picking on them Matt! Their resort fee covers 2 bottles of water daily, wireless internet and it's perfectly situated by Epcot & the Studios. Even with the fee it's a GREAT deal and your dollars there are recognized by Starwood as a part of their guest loyalty program. (3 things so far that Disney doesn't offer for hotel stays, if you're keeping count, lol.) Oh and for the 2nd yr in a row they've offered a significant discount on a 2nd room for families who need more space. (That makes 4...)

I've stayed there for 4 of my last 5 trips to WDW. I was solo for good portions of 3 of those trips and as a woman travelling solo I appreciated the interior hallways. I know it's Disney, but I feel more secure anyway. And it doesn't cost me $300/night min to do that.
Episode 697 - Resort Recommendations
Authored by: richard on Tuesday, March 23 2010 @ 08:30 PM CDT
For romantic, yes the Polynesian is best. But there is one place in the Epcot resorts that is nearly as romantic, and quiet to boot. That is the Cottage suites at Boardwalk Inn; they are tucked away in an isolated courtyard that you would never see unless you looked for it. For a "honeymoon" stay (real or imaginary), these two are tops (though expensive).
Solo: On my solo stay last Dec, I stayed at both Pop and an OKW studio. Pop was fine, but at 8 points at night on weekdays (roughly equivalent to $80), an OKW studio cannot be beat. It is twice the value of a room at Pop.