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Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 01:40 AM CDT

Episode 749 - Listener Questions

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg & Mike Scopa


  • Listener Questions
  • Jessica from NC refers to Live Show 44: June 27, 2010 and gives an update for DVC pool hopping.
  • Jonathan from NC asks if he can buy an Annual Pass voucher and redeem it in full after prices have increased.
  • David from PA likes using the Dining Plan.
  • Clarissa from Illinois asks what size car she should rent, and whether she should use Magical Express for a party of 5.
  • Mark asks whether Baylake Towers would be better than the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a 1-year-old.
  • Mark asks if there is anything special for his child's first birthday.
  • Riley gives his Cast member experience about redeeming FASTPASSes after the window.
  • Chip from Illinois asks for the Panel's ideal Character dining.
  • Chris from UK asks how likely the parks will hit capacity at Christmas.
  • Chris from UK asks how he should travel to Chef Mickey's on Christmas Day.
  • Linda from UK asks how busy it will be after her 8.20 a.m. ADR in Animal Kingdom.
  • Todd asks for suggestions for accommodation when going with a first timer during the Endurance event weekend.
  • Kevin from Indiana asks whether there is going to an update to the Rock 'n' Roller coaster.
  • Mark from Australia refers to Episode 647: Park Icons and gives his suggestion for Epcot.
  • George from Arizona wants WDW Today babysitting.
  • Jessica from Wisconsin asks for suggestions as to why it is important to be at park opening (see First Hour episodes).
  • David from Massachusetts asks if Party tickets allow for daytime admission to the Parks.

Running Time: 31:40

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car rental
Authored by: SusanDS on Wednesday, July 21 2010 @ 09:47 AM CDT
I've had a rental car the last 4 out of 5 trips. We have a family of 5. Two adults and 3 kids (5-9) on the first trip. First trip we had a mini-van which was definately the most comfy and a mid-size? (think taurus) the rest. The Taurus was just fine (and cheaper than the van) with a week's worth of luggage each.
Episode 749 - Listener Questions
Authored by: DisneyAlli on Thursday, July 22 2010 @ 07:28 AM CDT
Re: Matt's suggestion of Bippity Boppity Boutique for the 1st Birthday:
I see two problems with it... 1) Scopa's probably right and she would scream through it and most importantly 2) You have to be at least 3 to have an appointment at BBB.
Episode 749 - DDP or OOP
Authored by: jediknight on Friday, July 23 2010 @ 07:39 AM CDT
DDP or OOP -

The last time we visited we did get the DDP Deluxe and it did pay off for us. On average we were 'spending' $150/day. The DDP really paid off those days we had a character meal or signature dinning planned which was everyday... For the next trip we have decided to go with the 'normal' DDP (1QS, 1TS, snacks) and resort reservations at the 'club level'. There is about a $100 in savings this way.

I liked the idea presented about funding a gift card and using that instead of buying the DDP. We may alter our plans to try this out and see if there are any savings or if it changes how we order meals.

Enjoy listening to the PC.

'See you all real soon'

Convincing a Non-Believer
Authored by: TiggerRay on Friday, July 23 2010 @ 12:16 PM CDT
It's really hard without seeing it in the park convincing non-believers that you need to hit the parks early especially during the summer. We went in June with my SIL and her husband and he never grasped the concept before we left that the parks would be crowded and they would consistently show up at the parks after lunch and only get on a couple of attractions each day. He finally bought into it when they got there but still couldn't convince my SIL to get up early enough.
Episode 749 - Listener Questions
Authored by: DisneyAlli on Saturday, July 24 2010 @ 09:46 AM CDT
I've never been there but I have an obsession with the Disney's Mom Panel. I've even been mentioned in an episode (#568 I believe) because of it!
Getting to the entrance before park opening
Authored by: AquaViola on Monday, July 26 2010 @ 08:35 AM CDT

Just my experience from Hollywood Studios the day before Labor Day last year.

I went to 7.15 a.m. mass, and only got to Hollywood Studios park entrance at 9.05 a.m. (It was a Fantasmic! day, no EMHs - park opened at 9 a.m.).

I got to Toy Story Midway Mania at 9.09 a.m. The queue/line was around 10 minutes long - that's not the queue for the attraction, but the queue to get FastPasses for the ride.

I got into the Standby line, which had a 30 minutes wait. 3 minutes later, whilst I was still outside, it had a 40 minute wait.

Entering the park just 10 minutes after park opening made a big difference for the start of my day.

Hope this helps.


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