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Wednesday, August 24 2016 @ 07:55 PM CDT

Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek

PodcastEpisode 829 is now available for download.

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, Len Testa& Scarlett Litton


  • Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek

  • Today, Len and Scarlett share their experiences on the brand new Wild Africa Trek in Disney's Animal Kingdom

  • Previous Episodes about The Animal Kingdom.
  • Previous Episodes about Tours.
  • Running Time: 24:47

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Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek
Authored by: frandog on Monday, January 24 2011 @ 08:51 AM CST
Great Episode! It made my day despite hearing Len's voice (lol) after the horrible Jets' loss last night.
Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek
Authored by: gwcahill on Monday, January 24 2011 @ 02:14 PM CST
Cool episode, I definitely enjoy it when you talk about other things we can do at "the World".

What time is the 3 o'clock parade?
Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek
Authored by: superfluffybunny on Tuesday, January 25 2011 @ 07:46 AM CST
YEAH!!!!!!! Len is back. So good to hear your voice. Missed ya! Great topic. Curious how this compares to any experiences at Busch Gardens.
Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek
Authored by: hydrotony on Tuesday, January 25 2011 @ 04:22 PM CST
I read that everyone gets a photo pass CD included with the cost of the trek. Also, the CD time frame is for 2 weeks more or less so 'trekkers' can pile on the photos throughout their trip and it is all included in the CD. Is that true?
Episode 829 - Wild Africa Trek
Authored by: FigmentRules on Friday, January 28 2011 @ 12:45 PM CST
We took the 2pm tour on Tuesday, January 25th, and really enjoyed it.

They might have heard the podcast before we took the tour because this was not the normal Safari discussion--at all! While we didn't get to pet a cheetah, we did get to see the male lion in full form. The hippos were great, too!

As for value for the money, by the end of February, there will be a boardwalk heading out from the observation deck into the Savanna, providing more viewing points. We also had access to really nice binoculars--and the Photopass with Free CD. I also think the value could be improved by including park admission. I have an AP it was no big deal to spend what was actually 4 hours enjoying the experience. For my husband and a friend that was with us, they each had to burn a whole day's admission. If you don't have a Park Hopper, that's a big deal since the park is only open 8 hours anyway.

I, too, think there will be a discount once it is up to full price. Now I'm off to listen to the "Stranded at the World" episode. That was my follow-up adventure to the Wild Africa Trek. ;-)