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Monday, August 29 2016 @ 02:51 PM CDT

Episode 1133 - Listener Questions

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg

  • Listener Questions
  • 0:55 Sam in Illinois asks a question about seeing Osborne Lights
  • 2:18 Ann from New York asks Matt how he would fix the Studios.
  • 10:24 Haley from Arizona asks about Great Movie Ride merchandise
  • 13:19 Kelly from Indiana asks about the appeal of the Studios
  • 19:34 Joy asks about getting to the main entrance to DHS via car
  • 21:39 Rick asks about walking from the Boardwalk Villas to DHS
  • 25:08 Kevin from North Carolina asks about outdated attractions at DHS
  • 28:08 Diane from Illinois asks why she should go to DHS for New Years Eve

Running Time: 30:00

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Episode 1133 - Listener Questions
Authored by: FlyerFan1973 on Sunday, January 20 2013 @ 10:22 PM CST
Regarding the question about staying at the Boardwalk and going back and forth to the Studios in May, I'd prefer walking to using a car. One thing to consider is how far the parking lot at the Boardwalk Villas is from most of the rooms. Unless you specifically request a room near the parking lot, then you may easily have a 10 minute walk to your car. At that point, you may as well have just walked halfway to the Studios, which I estimate at a 20 minute walk.

Another consideration is where you are staying in the Boardwalk Villas. Some rooms, at the far end of the property, far from the Boardwalk itself, are much closer to the Studios than others. Where you are staying on the property can make a huge difference. Request a room closer to the Studios if you are planning to walk there a lot (though keep in mind this puts you a little farther away from Epcot).

With respect to the heat and humidity, I suggest that will be less of a factor in the early morning and in the evening when walking to and from the park. For the midday break, if you are feeling tired, then take the boat. You might wait 5-10 minutes for one to arrive, but it will save a little wear and tear and hopefully leave you with more energy for later in the day (unless you see a boat at the dock when you exit the park, in which case it's probably about to leave, or you see a ridiculously long line waiting to board, in which case you'll be standing around in the sun). If taking the boat, then you may want to get off at the Dolphin/Swan dock, since it's closer to most Boardwalk Villas rooms than the dock at the Boardwalk and the boat stops there first.