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Tuesday, August 30 2016 @ 03:43 PM CDT

Episode 1207 - Listener Questions

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, Len Testa & Mike Newell


  • Listener Questions
  • 2:38 Dennis from Maine comments on Running in the Downtown Disney area at WDW.
  • 5:20 Mike asks what former Disney CEO Michael Eisner is doing now.
  • 8:06 Suzanne from the UK asks if her party should do Food and Wine on Saturday departure day.
  • 9:32 Kyle from Utah asks about October WDW Crowds.
  • 10:19 Rachel from Pennsylvania asks for opinions on the Illuminations Cruise.
  • 13:18 Paul from New Jersey discusses his Disney memories.
  • 14:17 Hector from Puerto Rico asks if Christmas decorations will still be up in early January.
  • 15:17 Hector from Puerto Rico asks what clothing is most suitable for a January trip.
  • 16:29 Vicky asks about doing Food and Wine on a budget.
  • 19:18 Tom from Connecticut asks about Touring Plans' DHS crowd predictions in late August.
  • 20:18 Jeff discusses poor cast member experiences.
  • 22:23 Jeff comments on the MK ferryboat .
  • 22:57 Jeff discusses good cast member experiences.
  • 23:18 Jessica from Louisiana asks about Fort Wilderness Campground loops.
  • 25:34 Tim from Colorado asks about cancelling ADRs.
  • 26:00 JD asks whether Disney would ever consider "tiered pricing" for late day arrival.
  • 28:11 Liz from Virginia asks for advice on touring with non-planners.

Running Time: 30:00

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After 4 Pass
Authored by: Kristen1225 on Friday, June 28 2013 @ 07:44 AM CDT
In regards to the question about the suggested tiered entry for one day park tickets, Mike Scopa mentioned the Epcot After 4 Pass and that he thought it was old and no longer available. Just wanted to mention that the Epcot After 4 Pass is actually still available, just only to Florida Residents and (obviously) only for Epcot, but it's available nonetheless.