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Sunday, August 28 2016 @ 03:35 AM CDT

Episode 1254 - Listener Questions

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa & Len Testa


  • Listener Questions
  • 2:29 Dave from Canada asks about touring MK with FASTPASS during spring break with his young daughters.
  • 3:56 Dave from Canada asks for best park for Children, not including Magic Kingdom.
  • 4:29 SK asks for good Accommodations for large parties near Epcot.
  • 5:44 SK asks about Food and Wine Festival's Party for the Senses.
  • 7:05 Sheryl from Maine asks if Disney might give a discount to make up for a previous trip, which was hindered by illness.
  • 10:33 Danielle from Pennsylvania asks about entertainment at Ohana.
  • 11:47 Ray asks about touring with a first- time guest.
  • 13:30 John from New York asks if Pop Century has king-sized beds in adjoining rooms.
  • 15:38 Teddy from New Jersey asks about upgrading old unused Tickets.
  • 17:19 Jim asks about a device used by WDW servers to take orders in 1995.
  • 19:24 Jennifer from Illinois asks for the best Chocolate-free Snacks at WDW.
  • 22:27 Laura from England asks about ticket options.
  • 24:43 Terry from Tennessee ponders Epcot and non-Epcot restaurants to "retool" .
  • 28:43 Katie from Texas asks if Disney has an official "skip the line" service for celebrities.

Running Time: 30:00

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Episode 1254 - Listener Questions
Authored by: katertotyay on Wednesday, October 16 2013 @ 10:08 AM CDT
Myfriends had an experience in Disneyland where one older member of their party got disgruntled with the crowds and made everyone leave the park only about an hour or two into the day. They only rode one attraction and missed their reservation for the Blue Bayou that they were very much looking forward to. They also wasted a lot of money considering 2 adults and 2 kids basically did not use their ticket.

I think they just called a general Guest Services number and were told they would have one day's worth of free passes the next time they came, even though they were in no way upset with Disney. They love Disney so much, they were just heartbroken to miss everything! So...I guess it's possible for this scenario to happen in some way. They won't get a free hotel stay or anything but it's something!
Episode 1254 - Listener Questions
Authored by: hydrotony on Thursday, October 17 2013 @ 06:35 PM CDT
If something bad happens which shortens your vacation, remember to immediately ask customer services if something can be done. Waiting until after you have left the resort is almost always too late.

As for the Morocco Restaurant Marrakesh not being Middle-Eastern enough, just reminding everyone that Greece, Italy and even France are closer to the Middle East than Morocco is. I like Restaurant Marrakesh food, I like the band and belly dancer, I like the lower prices there compared to other Epcot places, I like that I have always been able to get a walk-up reservation (even if the restaurant managers would rather it be busier).
Episode 1254 - Listener Questions
Authored by: Keith on Friday, October 18 2013 @ 08:35 AM CDT
Why does Sheryl want to make Disney pay for her misfortune?....it had nothing to do with them. Another example of our society refusing to accept responsibility for their problems. Bad things happen people...deal with it and move on instead on trying to make someone else deal with your adversity. I am sure Disney would help with something as a gesture of good will, but it is pretty insulting to ask. Amazing!
Episode 1254 - Listener Questions
Authored by: TongaXtine on Friday, October 18 2013 @ 08:06 PM CDT
Best Chocolate free snack OTHER THAN the Dole Whip is the Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Seasons next to the Tiki Room!

Its the VIP Tour Services that offers guided tours to celebrities. Some of them have to go back stage for access to the rides for privacy. Its at least $300/hr and it has a minimum of 6 hours per reservation. At that price, you bet you skip the line!