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Monday, August 29 2016 @ 11:53 PM CDT

Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, & Mike Scopa

  • Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
  • Today, we discuss the seemingly limited amount of FASTPASS' available for headliner attractions and what to do when there isn't a lot of availability.

Running Time: 28:00

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Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: katertotyay on Friday, October 18 2013 @ 12:34 PM CDT
I'm definitely nervous about this. I can never stay on property due to cost and am going in February. I'm hoping by then Fastpass+ will be available to everyone, on-site guest or not, so I'm not totally out of luck for Fastpasses. I'm paying $50 for a week in a timeshare and I don't think getting those Fastpasses is worth the extra hundreds of dollars I'd pay onsite but I don't want to be waiting in huge lines either. Yarg!
Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: WiseCraig on Sunday, October 20 2013 @ 10:11 AM CDT
The Royals reference was mythic / epic. My son spit out his drink when I played the intro. I just told him there's some disney stuff I want you to hear.
Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: hydrotony on Sunday, October 20 2013 @ 12:01 PM CDT
It's starting to look more and more like only people staying in WDW on-site resorts will get to use the fast pass system. Local annual pass holders and off-site vacationers soon won't even have in-park fast pass machines to get them. This is WDW's answer to Universal's on-site resort guest perk of getting unlimited express passes.
Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: alagille on Tuesday, October 22 2013 @ 06:03 AM CDT
As a 5+ year listener of the show and long time Disney nut, it is disheartening to hear that Disney has jacked it's system to the point that the relative experts just tell you, "well, get there early and hope for the best". I in no way am disparaging this show. The ambiguity of this new system is upsetting. I have been to US and IoA once only. I am thinking that is where I'll be going in the next year or two until the painful process of figuring this mess out is over. If I am spending thousands of dollars, I just really don't want the hassle of planning my trip 2 months in advance or "settling" for what is left once I get on property. I'll just go to US and pay the same thousands of dollars to stay on THEIR property and go to the front of the line to ride the rides I want to ride right here, right now. I can't plan a family meltdown or know what we want to do 2 months in advance. I finally have my youngest at the 42 inch mark so most of the rides will now be "family" rides in the "other parks". Don't worry, I love you guys and will continue to listen! Thanks for all you do.
Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: Brian on Tuesday, October 22 2013 @ 08:08 AM CDT
Len's report on FP running out so quickly and standby lines longer than New Year's Eve, all for relatively low mid-October crowds, is the worst Disney World news that I've heard in a long time.

Our family has taken 8 WDW trips in the last 10 years. The ability to avoid long lines and still do headliner attractions (through use of FP and a good touring plan) has been the most important reason why we go. If we were limited to only doing a headliner once--if that--and then either wait in long standby lines to do the headliner again or do the lesser attractions, I don't think we'd go.

We pay a premium price for a premium vacation. We haven't minded doing so because we've always felt like we got our money's worth. But if what Len reported is now going to be the "new normal," we're going to have to seriously re-evaluate how we spend our vacation dollars. I'm very concerned.
Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: EAWildman on Thursday, October 24 2013 @ 06:40 AM CDT
I would have liked a better explanation for why wait times on a Wednesday in October reached New Year's Eve levels. What was described on the show was that Disney flipped a switch and made more Fastpasses available for FastPass+ and made less Fastpasses available for Legacy Fastpass. But if there are an equal number of Fastpasses available (just distributed differently), why would wait times suddenly shoot up? Two reasons I can think of: 1. As a percentage there are more "off site" guests in the park in October and not eligable to use FastPass+. This means that there were more people, percentage wise, who could only get a much more limited number of Legacy FastPasses. Thus, sending these people into the standby cue throughout the day. 2. They actually reduced the number of total FastPasses availble, meaning more people than normal were forced into the standby cue. If it's number 2, then Disney needs to reevaluate the number of Fastpasses it issues. If it's number 1, then Disney needs to reevaluate who can get FastPass+. With all the delays earlier in the year, I am sure Disney meant to be further along in this rollout and now they find themselves up against the holidays. Clearly, they need to rework this a bit, becuase, just moving to an electronic, paperless, FastPass system should NOT cause standby wait times to dramatically increase during a relative low crowd time of year.

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Episode 1255 - Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+
Authored by: gmcmah on Thursday, October 24 2013 @ 01:58 PM CDT
My wife & I were staying at OKW and have Annual Passes, early Oct.... Since OKW was not part of the test and since we have Annual Passes, we were not able to the scheduling-- The day we we went to the Studios we got there early, they open the gates at 8:30 (scheduled for 9am) I ran to the Toy story and they were already giving out passes for 10am (WFT the park had not even really opened & they were at 10am?) when we go to the ride at about 10am (1hour after the park was to open) the machines were OUT !!! This occurred at more then 1 park and every ride had a line of at least 1 hour or better.

Disney is going to start to piss people off, why should I pay for annual passes if I can not get fast passes? Why should I stay at Disney if I can not get fast passes? What if I choose to stay a friends with my annual passes, why can I not get fast passes? I am not happy with this new system---- Not to mention the RFID cards stopped working on our room and there first question is di you have "My Disney Experience"? I said yes, but your tech department can not get it to work 9n my DRIOD !!! At that point they just cut us new cards..... I LOVE THIS SYSTEM !!!!