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Tuesday, August 30 2016 @ 02:19 AM CDT

Episode 1300 - Fastpass+ Questions

PodcastEpisode 1300 is now available for download.

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, Mike Scopa & Annette Owens

  • Episode 1300 Fastpass+ Questions

  • Today, the panel answers questions about Fastpass+.

  • Previous FastPass episodes.
  • 2:04 David from Indiana asks if FASTPASS Plus is worth using for preferred parade seating.
  • 5:05 Brian from New York asks about FASTPASS Plus protocol for parents experiencing character meets with their Children.
  • 5:40 Tom from Minnesota asks about FASTPASS Plus protocol for multiple parents wanting to experience thrill rides with Young children.
  • 6:50 Mike from Virginia shares his FASTPASS Plus schedule.
  • 7:51 Eugene from Maryland asks how FASTPASS Plus will correspond with Touring Plans for an offside guest.
  • 9:35 Wendy asks how to schedule FASTPASS Plus reservations without park Tickets linked to My Disney Experience. Annette advises against linking multiple Tickets.
  • 12:34 Pam from Pennsylvania asks about omitting FASTPASS Plus from Touring Plans.
  • 14:05 Paul from New Jersey asks about FASTPASS Plus scheduling rules.

Running Time: 20:00

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Episode 1300 - Fastpass+ Questions
Authored by: DZNEENUT on Tuesday, February 04 2014 @ 08:11 AM CST
Regarding the family that had the little girl whose parents each wanted to ride the thrill rides with her, couldn't they use the rider swap option? In the email, you mentioned that they had a 17 month old child. How does fastpass+ factor into the rider swap situation?
Episode 1300 - Fastpass+ Questions
Authored by: Brian on Tuesday, February 04 2014 @ 10:58 AM CST
There was a comment at the end of the podcast that one couldn't have overlapping FastPasses under the old Legacy system. It's moot now because the Golden Age of Legacy FastPass is, alas, over, but it was possible to have overlapping FPs. For example, one could get a Soarin FP at park opening that was good for 9:45-10:45, then get a FP at 9:45 for Test Track that was good from 10-11 (as happened during our recent trip). So we had 2 FPs that overlapped for 45 minutes.

I hope that as they tweak FP+ they permit overlapping (and do away with tiering, which may be the most heinous aspect of FP+ as currently constituted).
Episode 1300 - Fastpass+ Questions
Authored by: borhyas78 on Sunday, February 09 2014 @ 10:24 AM CST
The wishes preferred viewing location is at the Rose Garden. I was there this weekend while it was raining so they moved us to the covered seating area by the water below the Rose Garden, but we were told you can usually sit on the grass.
Episode 1300 - Fastpass+ Questions
Authored by: katertotyay on Thursday, February 13 2014 @ 08:02 AM CST
I just returned from WDW as an offsite guest and only had 2 complaints about the FP+ system: One, the tiered system is indeed annoying. We ended up skipping Illuminations (or rather claiming a good spot) in order to ride Soarin' close to closing as we had already used a FP+ for Test Track. Two, if you are staying offsite you can probably just not expect to ride Toy Story Mania. We got to HS very shortly after opening (like 9:15) and they were gone. The person helping us told us to check back later but I'm not really sure if they meant that they free up more during the day or that there was a glitch in the system. Either way, we never got to ride it and while it's not my favorite ride by any means, it would have been nice to be able to ride without a 2 hour wait!