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Saturday, August 27 2016 @ 05:07 PM CDT

Episode 1315 - Flower and Garden Festival 2014 Review

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Mike Scopa, & Mike Newell


  • Episode 1315 - Food and Garden Festival 2014 Review

  • Today, we review this year's Flower and Garden Festival

Running Time: 22:00

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Episode 1315 - Flower and Garden Festival 2014 Review - Brisket, Mango Pale Ale and rocks
Authored by: Lisat723 on Thursday, March 20 2014 @ 06:42 AM CDT
Good morning...Just wanted to tell the Mike's that the brisket at the F&G Festival, served at the Smokehouse was the BEST brisket I've ever had. And the serving size was actually a good amount of food (what I would deem a solid snack...not a taste, not a meal). It's served with collard greens and a nice sized portion of corn bread that was also delicious. If you were starving this would probably not put much of a dent in your appetite, but if you were hungry it would definitely be satisfying. I actually chose this instead of the pulled pig slider because that looked even more substantial...and I would say it's bigger than a traditional slider...But if you have the chance you should definitely give it a try...

I was also there that same weekend, and though the Outdoor Kitchen lines were long, they went really, really fast...I think all of the Cast Members working them did an exceptional job. Often times, if there were 20 people in line, I'd just sit or walk around and look at the topiaries for a few minutes, and usually less than 5 minutes went by, where the lines were significantly reduced. I found that they kind of ebbed and flowed...sometimes there'd be 20 or more in line, and within a few minutes, there would be no one.

And for Mike Scopa, I too saw those rocks in cages and that's typically how they are delivered from landscapers. And I agree, that was very unDisney like, but I do believe they just had not yet been placed...And I did give that Mango Ale a try and I couldn't even drink it, it was so awful...BUT I must admit that I don't like Pale Ales so I'm not surprised I didn't like it :) That's probably in it's favor; I think when someone says they liked something that they wouldn't usually like, that means it doesn't taste like it's supposed to :)

Thanks for your podcasts every week!! I love them...they make my ride to work and home much more bearable when navigating around the horses and buggies here in Lancaster County!