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Friday, August 26 2016 @ 08:36 AM CDT

Episode 1379 - Listener Questions

PodcastEpisode 1379 is now available for download and instant listening.

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Hosts: Matt Hochberg, Len Testa, Mike Scopa & Mike Newell


  • Listener Questions
  • 2:53 Phillip from the UK refers to Episodes 837: Mmmm... brainsss! and 1377 and asks what Characters would be best to be with during a zombie apocalypse. The panel adds attraction props to the equation.
  • 7:14 Marissa from Louisiana asks if she can make FASTPASS Plus reservations for the offsite portion of her trip.
  • 8:20 Dave from England asks if he should add the Deluxe Dining Plan to My Disney Experience for the one Night he's staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas. He also asks if he can maintain separate hotel reservations on one Magic Band.
  • 11:29 Serena ponders a good souvenir budget. She also asks about the accuracy of the bus arrival times listed in the Unofficial Guide .
  • 12:21 Steve from Ohio discusses inside jokes on the podcast.
  • 13:12 Paul asks if he can swap Magic Bands with Family members to better utilize FASTPASS Plus.
  • 14:59 Adam from Wisconsin asks for the least-crowded times to see Christmas decorations at WDW.
  • 15:40 A listener ponders crowd levels during the last week of August. Len mentions the attraction graphs on TouringPlans.com.
  • 17:16 Amy from New Mexico asks about phased park-closure protocol on New Year's Eve.
  • 19:49 Julie from Canada asks for good companies that will deliver Snacks to the hotel prior to her arrival.
  • 20:43 Art from Michigan asks about Disney soap and whether he can purchase it.
  • 23:06 Zack from Tennessee asks if he will be granted an additional FASTPASS if he can't fit into the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train's vehicles.
  • 24:03 David from Indiana asks the hosts to mention a special activity at WDW that they'd most like to receive as a present.
  • 26:24 Rachel wonders where she can find Disney Music loops. Matt mentions Youtube. (cough, cough) Matt also mentions MouseWorld Radio.
  • 28:25 Christine from Massachusetts asks when she should see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights.

Running Time: 30:00

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Thank you
Authored by: AquaViola on Wednesday, August 06 2014 @ 03:28 AM CDT
Thank's for reading my question. I hadn't thought about the props to use.

I believe it's the first time I've emailed a question. I've been in three live shows, but with only being to the parks in 2006 and 2009 since the show started, I've not had any interesting questions, so I thought I would save my question for something important.


P. S. My New Wednesday's resolution - to email Matt less about the Wiki, for at least a week.

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Touring Plans Graphs
Authored by: AquaViola on Wednesday, August 06 2014 @ 03:34 AM CDT
The *really* cool thing about the TouringPlans graphs is not the ones in the future (which are cool), but the ones in the past, which show the predicted times against the actual times.

Very cool - see an example of the past graphs here: http://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom...2014-08-05

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Music Loops
Authored by: AquaViola on Wednesday, August 06 2014 @ 04:13 AM CDT
If you want a change from the music loops, then there is a good series of screensavers on Youtube. It's more for the visual/audio combination, so the audio is not as good (so if your primary concern is audio, stick to MouseWorld Radio), but it is quite relaxing.


The Best of WDW Today series is exclusive to the WDW Today website. http://wiki.wdwtoday.com/index.php/Best_of_WDW_Today

Episode 1379 - Listener Questions
Authored by: eelkmj01 on Wednesday, August 06 2014 @ 09:06 AM CDT
I don't mean to offend by disagreeing with Len but b/c I experienced this as a guest and travel agent I can say that for the question regarding FP+ reservations for a 3 night reservation at FW, you can only book FP+ reservations through MDE for nights that you have a reservation number until you are inside 30 days. It no longer works where you had your check-in date +7 or +10. You have the nights of your valid Disney reservation number open on MDE until you are inside 30 days and then you can book those remaining days. But you will have to go back into the website each day as each day crosses the 30 day threshold.

Also, again b/c I experienced this during my last visit, Newell is absolutely correct that is you are resort hopping, you must check out of the 1st resort. If you do not, the 2nd resort will tell you they are deactivating your entry into the first room once they check you into the 2nd resort.