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Great Butterfinger Attempt 317 12/14 10:05AM Yes
Disney recently announced increases of about 6.5% for its Walt Disney World tickets, and increases of around 2-4% for its hotel rooms. Were these increases... 264 01/26 03:38PM No
Which night would you prefer for our next live show? 221 01/26 03:37PM Yes
Which new content shows are you MOST interested in hearing? 169 08/08 01:48PM No
Where are you from? 688 07/24 02:04PM No
What do you think of our live shows? 175 08/24 10:59AM No
For those who listened to the live show, what method did you you use to listen... 147 06/25 10:03AM No
Will you be listening to the live show on Sunday? 44 01/29 05:18AM No
What Kind Of Hotel/Resort Do You Usually Stay At While On Vacation 263 01/25 03:01PM No
What do you think of Expedition Everest? 336 01/08 11:01AM No
Will you be at Mousefest this year? 103 12/12 09:10AM No
What is your favorite part about holidays at WDW? 280 11/29 11:10AM No
Are you an annual pass holder? 227 10/30 08:29AM No
Are you planning on coming to Mousefest 2006? 156 10/13 11:17AM No
When did you start listening to WDW Today? 199 09/29 09:27AM No
What is your opinion of the Disney Dining Plan 199 09/20 09:31AM No
Are you planning on going to the Food & Wine Festival this year? 222 09/08 06:02AM No
What are your feelings regarding the Disney Vacation Club? 256 08/30 06:41AM No
What are your feelings regarding WDW Today merchandise? 227 08/21 06:51AM No
Will you be listening to the live show on Sunday? 104 07/31 06:37AM No
Which of the last five episodes has been your favorite 199 07/26 06:23AM No
How many Disney World podcasts do you listen to regularly? 133 07/18 05:40AM No
Where Do You Listen To WDW Today? 218 07/14 06:50AM No
Do you use Magical Express on your trips? 135 07/04 06:09PM No
Will you be attending DisMeet 2006? 100 06/28 08:03AM No
Which dining option do you tend to go with the most? 184 06/21 08:50AM No
What is your opinion of visiting Walt Disney World in the summer? 190 06/12 06:33AM No
How often would you like to see a live show? 158 06/05 06:25AM No
Will you be listening to the live show on Sunday? 87 05/29 08:04AM No
How often do you listen to the shows? 133 05/24 06:39AM No
Which of the following do you book first when planning a trip? 248 05/17 06:17AM No
What is your opinion of the Carousel of Progress? 160 05/05 06:25AM No
Will you be listening to the live show on Sunday? 77 05/01 06:11AM No
What is your favorite character meal? 183 04/27 01:12PM No
Which is your preferred Deluxe resort? 216 04/21 06:06AM No
What is your general touring strategy at the parks? 118 04/12 06:23AM No
Would you be in favor of having one live show per month with the ability to call in with questions? 135 04/07 06:59AM No
Which logo do you like best for us to use as the WDW Today logo? 190 03/27 06:46AM No
Would you change your resort reservation if you knew one of the other resorts had signifigantly quicker check-in procedures? 221 03/19 12:44PM No
When is your next trip to Walt Disney World? 215 03/08 06:17AM No
Would you tolerate ads in WDW Today? 145 03/01 08:07AM No
Do you go to Extra Magic Hours? 79 02/20 07:59AM No
Should we add a message board to the WDW Today site? 84 02/15 06:35AM No
How do you get into the parks? 150 01/27 06:18AM No
What is your favorite 3-D show? 120 01/20 06:46AM No
How much time do you usually spend at the Magic Kingdom during one trip? 165 01/18 06:23AM No
What is your favorite counter service restaurant at Walt Disney World? 96 01/09 06:31AM No
What is your feeling regarding Animal Kingdom? 85 01/02 08:55AM No
What is your favorite topic on the show? 61 12/28 07:10AM No
How long should the show be? 119 12/08 06:29AM No
What is your favorite holiday event? 68 11/23 07:56AM No
How do you listen to WDW Today? 78 11/16 10:51AM No
Do you rent a car when you go to WDW usually? 76 11/11 06:43AM No
What is your favorite Fantasyland attraction? 462 11/09 06:49AM No
Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise? 75 11/07 06:47AM No
What is your favorite non-theme park activity at Walt Disney World? 43 11/04 08:20AM No
How frugal are you with your money at WDW for meals? 36 10/28 07:03AM No
How many days do you spend in the park on an average trip? 32 10/21 10:50AM No
Which type of Disney resort do you usually stay at? 34 10/14 11:19AM No
Which park are you most interested in hearing about? 18 10/10 08:57AM No
What show topic do you enjoy the most? 18 10/05 12:14PM No
How long do you like the show? 12 09/26 01:42PM No
How did you like the first show? 15 09/20 10:17AM No