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WDW Today has quite a number of running jokes in the show that can be hard for a new listener to follow along with.

Below is a listing of all the running jokes in the show, although some of them aren't mentioned much anymore.

The jokes are shown in alphabetical order in Inside Jokes - Alphabetical Order.

If the term you are looking for is not listed, please check the Dictionary page, for a listing of WDW terms used by the Panel.

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Inside Jokes - Alphabetical Order
Matt Hochberg
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Mike Scopa
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Podcast Jokes

  • "I like turtles" - This joke is a reference to a famous online clip of a child saying the same thing, and is also an Opie & Anthony reference. He also "spoof sponsored" Episode 386: Dining in Fantasyland. It was first mentioned in the Podcast by Mike Newell at the end of Episode 315: Rainy Days.
  • "Give us 5 minutes..." - Originally the show was to be about 5 minutes in length but necessity brought the show closer to 10 minutes and then 15 minutes and eventually closer to 20 minutes per episode. The show's slogan of "Give us 5 minutes and we'll give you the World" is a play on words from a local New York City radio station 1010 WINS, which has the slogan of "Give us 22 minutes, and we'll give you the world", with the World in the podcast referring to Walt Disney World. Discussed in Episode 364: Listener Questions between 8'15"-9'20".
  • Snoring - Matt Hochberg attempted to discuss Star Wars Weekends when Mike Scopa began making snoring noises during the show while Matt was talking because he has no interest in the event. Since then, anything found uninteresting and/or boring by someone in the panel will result in someone making a snoring noise while the boring/uninteresting topic is discussed.
  • Narcoosee's - Narcoossee's is a table service restaurant at the Grand Floridian. In a listener question show (from 6'15"), a listener asked about Narcoossee's and Mike Scopa and Len Testa started talking about it. Mike Scopa took some time to look for how many dining credits it was on the Disney Dining Plan while Len joked that Narcoossee's really was a swingers club. After saying the joke, Mike Scopa (having not paid attention to Len's joke) said that the restaurant requires two dining credits, which fed into the joke.
  • Old emails - On listener question shows, the show has become infamous for not answering the questions submitted in a timely fashion. Quite often the panel will answer questions on the listener question show that are so old that the person who sent the email in about an upcoming trip has already returned from their trip in question. This is due to the amount of email received. Both panelists and listeners often point out that the panel are so far behind in answering emails, while Matt will try his best to overlook old emails when he reads an email and mentions their trip is "soon" (a hint that the email is for a trip that has already happened)or by the quick insertion of the line "welcome back". This prompted the guys to expand the Wednesday Listener Question show to 30 minutes(from 20 minutes). A major example of this is Episode 364: Listener Questions.
  • Mr. Voice - Mr. Voice is Rick Gregg who provides audio clips for use on the show in the form of ad reads or introductions. Because of Mr. Voice's real life background in radio, he was selected to read a number of introductions and ads to add a professional and pleasing sound to the show. The panel nicknamed him Mr. Voice since he was the voice of all of the promos he recorded for the show. He has expanded his vocal role in the Disney On-line community and is also the official voice for MouseWorld Radio and its network of affiliates, and Fred Block's MagicMeets. It's also been joked in Episode 215: Listener Questions that his wife is named "Mrs. Voice". Mr Voice also appears on WBBM-Chicago, Sirius Satellite Radio, and a number of stations across the midwest.
  • Niagara Falls - Whenever a caller or listener email comes in from Niagara Falls, the boys go into the famous vaudeville sketch. (See Episode 329: Listener Questions at 12'40".)
  • "Good luck bro" - This phrase is said to someone whenever someone is attempting to do something close to (if not completely) impossible. This phrase was first used on the Opie & Anthony Radio Show.
  • "Opie & Anthony" - Some references to the Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez XM Satellite radio shows appear on the show from time to time. Some of these references include "Good Luck Bro", "I Like turtles" the Price Is Right loser sound effect, and the Homer Simpson "Boooooo" Also, Mike Newell once mentioned that the playing of the theme from "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" at the start of each Live show, was a tribute to Opie & Anthony which also use the same theme at the beginning of their radio show.
  • - web server containing storage for the Live broadcasts and Live events and includes a photo of the Panel, mentioned in the introduction of Episode 308: Listener Questions.
  • Stupid Judy, Stupid Energy - This audio clip is inserted at the end of every show because recently the podcast formed a company to handle the operational and financial aspect of the podcast. The company is called "Stupid Judy Media, LLC" and the audio clip pertains to the origin of the name of the company. The line originally comes from the Universe of Energy attraction in Epcot. It was suggested in Episode 815 that Alex Trebek says in the background in this clip "crystal meth".
  • Donk! That's the end of my show. - This audio snippet is sometimes heard at the end of live shows. It originated on the website . Link to on-line cartoon at .
  • British accents - At 3'40" in Episode 383: MST3K - Horizons Len starts singing the Horizons theme. In response, Scopa pretended to be Simon Cowell from American Idol and gave his review. Matt said, "That is the worst British accent I have ever heard." However, throughout the WDW Today European Live Show: Monday 25 May 2009 Matt used a British accent straight out of Mary Poppins, and in Live Show 35: Sunday 26 July 2009 from 77' Matt did an Australian accent, unfortunately. However, in Episode 813: Reunion Recap Scopa used in his introduction a French accent (that was meant to be British).
  • RC Cola Rocks - At 6'45" of Part 2 of Tent Event, 8 March 2009, Matt bought the tackiest cola available, and found RC Cola to be surprisingly good.
  • It's a grill and a cooler?? It's a Grooler! Stacey Aswad of the Top 7 show for WDW Resort Television appeared in a Bud Light commercial, which was a fake infomercial for a grill and a cooler combined. The advert, which can be found here, is part of Bud Light's "Tailgate Approved" series. It was first mentioned in WDW Today by Matt at the beginning of Episode 633: Listener Questions.
  • Sip and Snack - having counter-service from each of the countries in Epcot's World Showcase. The first Sip and Snack episode was also done under a severe time limit, and led to Len having a unique drink. See Dining - Sip and Snack.
  • Skagway, Alaska - At Reunion 2009 and 2010, the panel came up with the idea to have all reunion goers riding Spaceship Earth to claim they were from Skagway, Alaska as to light up an otherwise dark part of the map.
  • 1,000th show - In Live Show 56: July 31, 2011 (43'55"-45'), a listener joked that the podcast would end with its 1,000th show...
  • Phylicia Rashad- After Matt brought up the actress' performance in the Dinosaur preshow film on Episode 1138, the hosts spontaneously decided to insert references to her throughout the rest of the show.

Mike Newell Jokes

  • Newell's Landing - Furthering the joke of Scopa Towers, a listener coined the term for the Old Key West resort because Mike Newell's home DVC resort is Disney's Old Key West resort.
  • All Newell show - Matt Hochberg has an on going joke at Mike Newell's expense to hold a show where Mike Newell will do all the talking, a prospect that frightens Newell since he prefers not to be that vocal on the show unless he has something to add. A variation on this joke is when Hochberg asks for listeners to email the show with questions for Mike Newell to answer. It became a reality in Segment 2 of 2009 MagicMeets.
  • "Google is your friend" - This is a common response from Mike Newell when a listener would ask the show where they can download music or recordings from Walt Disney World, after fears of giving out incriminating information about potentially illegal downloads. (Episode 152: Listener Questions 8'45"-10'00")
  • Muppets - In the beginning of each episode, Mike Scopa challenges the other panelists with a quote from an attraction at Walt Disney World and from Episode 226: Death of the spontaneity of dining Mike Newell would respond the answer to Scopa's trivia was from Muppetvision 3D, regardless if he really thought it was or not, and for a while answered Muppets. The trend was discovered in Episode 240: Major Holiday Touring. Newell continued to answer "Muppets" in subsequent shows.
  • Camera shop - On an episode where the panel discussed their touring plan for Epcot, Mike Newell said the first thing he did when he goes to Epcot is to stop into the Camera shop near Spaceship Earth before riding anything.
  • "Freaking bush" - Mary Newell, wife to Mike Newell, complained in an episode that she had to spend time with Mike Newell recording audio for use on Mouse World Radio while literally sitting in a "freaking bush" (6'45"-7'15", and 19'45"-20'15").
  • "Farmington, Long Island" -In episode 782, John from Farmington, New York wrote in with a question. Newell said he believed Farmington was on Long Island. As pointed out in the comments for that episode, there are towns called Farmingdale and Farmingville on Long Island but Farmington is in upstate New York. Whenever John calls in on a live show now (most recently August, 2012), this joke is referenced.
  • "Mount Airy Lodge" After Sharon from Mount Airy, MD asked a question in 1159 Mike Newell began singing a jingle for Mount Airy Lodge, a resort in the Poconos. The jingle was played at the end of the episode

Mike Scopa Jokes

  • "Nothing says ____ like Disney's Pop Century resort" - Based on a TV commerical, this phrase originated early on in the show when Mike Scopa would recommend Pop Century to any listener looking for a resort recommendation so Len Testa would exaggerate by claiming regardless of situation, Pop Century was the best option. (Listen to Episode 37: Resort Recommendations between 2'30"-4'05", then 6'40"-7'00". And 13'00"-13'30". And 20'50"-21'30".)
  • Scopa Towers - Referring to Pop Century resort, Len Testa coined the term after one year when Mike Scopa spent about a month at Pop Century in total with all his visits. The name also exaggerates the fact that Pop Century is paltry in size and there aren't any real towers, but it sounds better with the name towers in it. First mentioned in the podcast in Episode 8: "Call For Help" Show. Some listeners report some problems when phoning Disney to book a stay at Scopa Towers. Len talks about its history from 7'30" in Episode 124: Greg Ehrbar, and Scopa and Len from 5'00" in Episode 154: One Year Anniversary show. Also a range of Merchandise.
  • Cave of Wonders - Mike Scopa coined the term, which refers to the nether regions "where the sun don't shine", and is a joke after Testa tried to come up with a family-friendly way of saying the same thing in Episode 374 (from 6'55"). This was in reference to what to do with the one-day Magic Your Way ticket that Annual Passholders need to buy in order to take advantage of Free Dining promotions.
  • Dr. Scopa's Miracle Elixir - This nickname for Dole Whip was coined by a listener in Episode 161: Listener Questions (from 3'15") when the listener was suffering from diabetic sugar low and ate some Dole Whip to recover from it. Also a range of Merchandise.
  • Scopa is old - It's often made fun of that Mike Scopa is older than any of the other panelists, and often the jokes exaggerate how old he really is (for example, Episode 217: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Spaceship Earth)
  • Scopa is right - In Episode 228: Disney Announcements, Scopa speculated what would happen to waiting times in 5 or 10 years' time. Matt said that if Scopa was right, it would be written on his gravestone (as Scopa is already old). Mentioned in the WDW Theme Song. When prefaced with the word "unfortunately", this is not meant to say that it's a problem that Scopa is right, but that Scopa is right about an unfortunate truth.
  • The Scopa Special - The nickname for the NY Strip Entree paired with Cheddar Cheese soup over at Le Cellier, Canada, Epcot. The Scopa Special Plus includes the Salad Greens appetiser.
  • Belle - Mike Scopa "likes" Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). For example, Mike Scopa saw Belle in her Christmas dress at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and was quite enamored (see the Show Notes to Episode 71: Listener Questions). Mike Scopa prefers Belle in her blue dress and has been critical of Cast Member portrayals he's seen in the parks who don't look exactly like the character.
  • Hurricanes - Mike Scopa has been to Walt Disney World many times during hurricanes so the crew has determined that Scopa directly draws hurricanes to Florida whenever he comes to the state during Hurricane season.
  • Scopa hates kids - Mike Scopa is notorious for his disdain of young children brought to Walt Disney World. In his opinion, very young children (under the age of 6 or so) are a waste to bring to Walt Disney World and they can also ruin the experiences of others because they aren't mature enough to know how to act properly in public.

Matt Hochberg Jokes

  • Hydrolators - Matt Hochberg revealed (at 11'00") that he thought the hydrolators from the now gone Living Seas Pavilion went somewhere, when in fact they did not move at all. Matt bought into the story that the hydrolators descended many feet down, which is a fact that many guests knew was false and just part of the show. There had been a law suit regarding the Hydrolators and a Guest's ears having been damaged due to the change in air pressure. Disney disproved it by showing that the movement was simulated.
  • "Hoorah" - Hochberg will say this on listener question shows when a listener mentions their username. (This is a take from the Ron & Fez XM Satellite Radio Show)
  • Outstanding- Early on in the show when Hochberg was asked how he was doing, he would respond "Outstanding" and it has stuck as a catchphrase.
  • Dinosaur - Hochberg revealed that he is incredibly scared of riding Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom, to the point he can't keep his eyes open and cries. During Mousefest 2007, Hochberg was dared by Scopa to ride for charity and subsequently raised over $500 from other Mousefest attendees to ride.
  • Whipping Sounds - The Panel will make this sound when Hochberg says something that alludes to his wife controlling him, insinuating that Hochberg is "whipped into shape" by his wife. (See for example Episode 332: Listener Questions from 18' onwards.)
  • Wonka Bars - These chocolate-and-graham-cracker bars are readily available at Walt Disney World, but were virtually impossible to get in Matt's old home town in Connecticut. Matt would make a point of stocking up whenever he went down to the World.
  • Name Trouble - Matt sometimes has problems correctly pronouncing the names of the show guests. Sometimes he even calls them by the wrong name. This helps Mike Newell populate the blooper shows. Also check out Episode 532 in which Len mercilessly spoofs Matt's podcast openings ("Feeday's Eepisode 532 of W-Doo-W Today, with Meek, Mike and Moot").
  • Foreign place names - These are also particularly vulnerable to mangling by Matt, such as Edinburgh in Scotland (which should correctly be pronounced as Ed-in-burra, not Ed-in-berg) and Wigan (pronounced as, erm, well, Wig-an not Wygone).
  • Pecos Bill - Matt kept pronouncing this "Pe-cos Bill", and was often corrected, especially in Listener Questions. (The correct pronunciation is "Pay-cos Bill".)
  • Guv'nor - Matt's introduction to anyone from outside the United States and Canada (see Live Show 35: Sunday 26 July 2009 from 77'00" to 80'20").
  • Over there - Matt says this a lot (see Episode 695: Listener Questions).
  • You know who you are baby - Before he got married, Matt would never refer to Marissa by name but only as "my girlfriend" or "my fiance." Whenever he did this, Len would make a joke implying that Matt had several girlfriends and was being vague so as to keep them in the dark about each other.

Len Testa Jokes

  • Go [Insert favorite sports team name]! - Originated by Testa after Rich of Youngstown, Ohio emailed the show in Episode 8: "Call For Help" Show and Len said "Go Penguins", and someone emailed in from Pittsburgh, PA and Testa said "Go Steelers" because the Steelers are his favorite team. Subsequent listeners from Pittsburgh would add onto their emails the phrase "Go Steelers" and the joke expanded to any city and any team.
  • "Them's good eatin'" - A phrase said by Len Testa during a trip to Walt Disney World on the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction in Animal Kingdom in reference to the animals seen on the tour. (See Episode 161: Listener Questions between 7'20" and 8'20".)
  • Angelina Jolie - In defense of Animal Kingdom, a theme park that Mike Scopa and Matt Hochberg like to attack, Len Testa compared Animal Kingdom to Angelina Jolie because of the park's and the actress's respective beauty. Since then, the joke has extended to anything good or beautiful being comparable to Angelina Jolie. (Listen from 4'30" in Episode 29: Animal Kingdom Treasures and Half Day Touring Plan) (© Len 2005).
  • Ding! - Either someone will say "Ding!" or ring a bell when the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World or is mentioned.
    • At the beginning of Live Show 6: August 27, 2006 and the end of Episode 178: Last Minute Dining, the Panel unsubtly promoted the new version of the Unofficial Guide.
    • In the shownotes, jaypenguin150 said: "I think Newell needs to go back and plug in a 'ding' noise for every time the unofficial guide gets plugged. (He did this for a live show archive, once)".
    • Following this, at the beginning of Episode 180: Scrapbooking Len shamelessly plugged his book and website - several times in quick succession.
    • The mentions became so frequent that anytime it's mentioned, it's worth pointing out the book had been mentioned with a ding sound.
    • Up to Episode 313: Australia Pavilion, Mike Newell added the bell sound in post-production, but then a $4 bell was purchased (listen to the start of that episode).
  • Soundboard Len - Len would often miss a show for one reason or another so in one episode, the panelists used "Soundboard Len" to replace Len. Soundboard Len is a collection of recordings of Len saying random things that were used in the show.
  • Gravlax - in Episode 1: Food & Wine Festival Show Len referred to Gravlax being available. However, that information was out of date (by Episode 1!), as shown in Episode 15: Listener Questions.
  • Pillow fluffiness - The UnofficIal Guide (ding) measures pillow fluffiness - but how do you measure it? (Listen to Episode 37: Resort Recommendations from 8'00".)
  • Everything tastes better when Len pays - At Mousefest 2007, a group of over twenty people ate dinner at 'Ohana fully on Len's dime. Len had originally intended to cover half of the cost of the meal, but Scopa made an announcement to the table that the whole meal would be paid for by Len, and Len was too much of a gentleman to try to correct him. The full story is mentioned in Episode 347. Since then, whenever Len has picked up the tab, it has become standard to mention both that Len paid and that the food tasted better than usual.
  • Van Halen - Any mention of Van Halen is in reference to Len's love of Van Halen. Van Halen is Len's favorite band and is often mentioned because everyone on the panel is usually aware of Len's passion for the band.
  • Maple Syrup
    • After eating/drinking through the 11 pavilions in the World Showcase in 3 hours in Episode 414: Snack, Sip (And Sick) (from 28'15" onwards), Len was looking for the smallest item he could find the last pavilion, Canada. The others chose candies; Len chose maple syrup, and discovered that gives you Doctor Dolittle qualities. "Canadian Maple Syrup: a way better drink than that stupid stuff in China."
    • As a tribute to Len, in Episode 505: Sip And Snack Part Deux Mike Newell, Annette Owens and Beci Mahnken each drank a bottle of Canadian Maple Syrup as their first course.
    • In Episode 481: Listener Questions, Holly from Tennessee wrote an email entitled "Len, What are you doing to my daughter?", as her three year old daughter swallowed the contents of a maple syrup bottle. Hence Len's new tagline, "Corrupting America's youth, one Podcast at a time."
  • Backseat in the Ford Explorer - Len often jokes when he gets in trouble with his spouse, he is forced to sleep that night in the back seat of his Ford Explorer car because his wife is that upset with him.
  • Len's Podcast - During Live Show 25, a caller noted that the review of WDW Today in the 2009 UG referred to the podcast as Len's Podcast.
  • Vaseline - During a Disney World race, Len was running in the race and during the course of the race, found a Cast Member handing out popsicle sticks with what he thought was peanut butter on it. He took it and ate it, thinking it was peanut butter but it was instead vaseline.
  • Christina Testa - Sister to Len Testa, Christina is also a researcher for Len and has appeared on episodes to share humorous stories about doing research for Len but she also was embroiled in controversy after suggesting in jest that she knocks children's ice cream cones over and giving guests wrong advice on purpose among other jokes. The fact she was joking did not come over the air to everyone and there was a lot of email and posts on message boards about Christina and her "actions".
  • Test Track - MagicMeets 2008 was transmitted live by WDW Today. In lunchtime, Mike Newell played Disney audio, including background music from "Test Track". Len started to riff along with the music, and unbeknownst to him, the microphone was live. It can be heard at the end of Episode 984: Magic Power Of The Music.
  • Testa Bombing - In Live Show 61: December 18, 2011, Len said that it was defined on Twitter as showing up with more people than in your ADR.

Annette Owens Jokes

Other People Jokes

  • Lou Mongello/"Oh Lou"/"Mongello" - See The Lou Mongello Page.
  • Canadian computing infrastructure - At 3'55" in Episode 96: Fred "Superfan 99" Hazelton, Len Testa and Fred Hazelton told a story where an early attempt at figuring out touring plans caused a network crash that created a network outage in Ottawa, Canada (where Hazelton was running the query from) and Len will often joke that new Unofficial Guide endeavors could bring down the Canadian computing infrastructure again.
  • superfan99 - This was a nickname for Fred Hazelton, one of the first fans of the podcast in 2005, because he was one of the first fans to follow the show closesly. The actual nickname is a reference to the film "Swingers", where a fan of Wayne Gretzky is nicknamed the same thing. Discussed at the beginning of Episode 96: Fred "Superfan 99" Hazelton and Episode 345: Single parent in WDW.
  • Darcie dining plan - The Darcie Dining Plan refers to Darcie Vane, a researcher for the Unofficial Guide, who is a vegetarian and when dining at Walt Disney World often has a limited selection of food to choose from based on the available menu and often eats things like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese off the children's menu since it's the only vegetarian option out there.
  • Canadian beer/Canadian clothing - Jennifer had an unfortunate trip to Le Cellier - see her article on
  • Marvin - see the Marvin page.
  • Hennnnrrrrry! - Often used when Henry Work's name (from is mentioned. This is taken from the Carousel of Progress attractions.
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